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  1.  I agree


    I must agree with the rest of the reviewers, I loved this game I played Resident Evil 1 on PS1 and then played this and can I just say that Wesker looks good in this game. Best resident evil game out there. Get this not Resident Evil 5. Thank you.

  2.  Yay


    This is when the square heads went out of fashion not like Resident Evil 5 out of fashion but ORIGINAL Resident Evil style out of fashion. I loved this game but warning in this game a guy called Alfred Ashford wears a dress. HUGE SPOILER there but. Just a warning. Thank you.

  3.  Classic


    If you wont controlls that are easy then head for a GameCube addiction its exactly the same but Cubed. You can play gamecube games on your Wii so just get Cube version if you hate the controlls. Thank you.



    I loved this game as an owner of Resident Evil zero, 1 original PS1, 1 gamecube remake, 2, 3, 4, Umbrella Cronicals, Darkside Cronicals and Outbreak file 1 and 2. I think this is worthy. Its a good shot em up but if you have not played previous Resident Evil games then play those first Resident Evil 1 is avalible on Wii for a good price. That will tell you the story from the official begining or start from zero to see the origins of Resident Evil. Thank you.

  5.  LIKE THE GAME!!!


    This movie is just like the game none of that silly Alice rubbish! If you are a fan of resident evil games 1,2 and 3 you will love this. Its has Leon.S kennedy and Claire Redfield from Resident evil 2. Its rating is 12 because it swears a couple of times and has lots of blood in it. Thank you

  6.  My God


    Its like a romantic movie at the start then it all goes wrong, find out how the terrible curse of Sadako started and why. This film builds up the tension and then it all comes out at the end... A brilliant Tartan Asian Extreme for any collectors collection.

  7.  Aw man


    I have the this film with 1 disk additon and this makes me want to buy this one XD. If you have watched the american remake of this film, then this will pee all over it, the story is decribed more and the characters play a big role, and lets face it the americans can't do it the way the japnese can.
    I have got Ju-on The Grudge and its brill, I aslo have Ju-on The Grudge 2, 2 disk edition which is confusing at first but then you get picture. Then there's Ju-on White ghost, Black ghost which is unheard of its a good film, but there are alot of crappy camera angles and bad actors but that does not mean its not a bad film it has a very psycological twist that keeps your eyes on the screen.
    And of coarse there's the rare Ju-on the curse which I don't think was released anywhere but Japan which is a shame because it looks AWSOME XD.

    There is also a Ju-on game for Wii which is a little unheard of I think, but it is a very good game. You run around in the dark with a torch, while Kayoto and little Toshio chase you around, poping up infront of you and making you jump. Its a fright simulator and when I say that I mean FRIGHT XD.

    P.S the whole point of this review is to tell you about the other Ju-on merchandise which you may be interested in. Thank you and I hope I helped.

  8.  Its good


    I purchased this item a while back and its a very good harvest moon game, it is slow and steady with intreducations and you get the chance to play as your child! The goal of the game is to save the Harvest Godess as usaul, you save her by collecting items to make rainbows. It also have a new farm friend an ostridge which you can ride on. Its a very good game and worth buying if your a fan of the old harvest moons.