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  1.  An absolute delight


    I find it hard to sum up this game without writing as essay! It's a beautiful game with lovely graphics and well designed characters.

    The puzzles are perfectly graded in my opinion, getting harder as you progress through the game but offering a learning curve at the same time. For example, there is a game relating to Queens on a chess board, which turns into a series of games increasing in difficulty each time. I think this makes the game as a whole more enjoyable because you'll have learnt the skills needed to complete the puzzle and still be able to enjoy the harder challenge (sometimes when you are just thrown in at the deep end it's not as fun).

    The only real downfall to this game is its length; or lack thereof. I'm told there are to be two more in the set though so if they bring them out sooner rather than later I think that would make everyone happy!

    It's great that you can download a new puzzle using the Nintendo WiFi (though I haven't done it yet) as well - not enough DS games do that sort of thing in my opinion.

    Overall this has to get 5 stars - the music may be a bit repetitive and I think the cut scenes should happen more often rather than the text boxes you have to click on to move past but, other than that, I can't find fault.

    It's an absolute find in a world of utterly disappointing games (Catz; Imagine; etc, you know who you are!).

  2.  Great fun for point & click fans...


    Firstly, Monkey Island was amazing and I'm yet to find another point & click as entertaining... granted, some come close but generally, MI is still unbeaten.

    That said; Jack Keane is actually pretty good. It starts off a bit slow with the first couple of 'puzzles' being slightly obscure but, give it a chance and you'll be enjoying yourself in no time.

    Admittedly, there is too much dialogue and Jack himself has a very irritating voice but you soon get used to it and can enjoy the [obvious] comedy and smooth progression through the game.

    It's not groundbreaking but it is fun. If you like P&C adventures then this is worth checking out...

  3.  3 stars but it's definitely still worth owning...


    This game is so basic to look at it's almost untrue; the graphics are certainly not easy on the eye and the speech is grammatically incorrect in a lot of places (but it has been translated from German). If you can forgive these two, majorly obvious faults then you could be in for some addictive gameplay...

    The puzzles are sometimes ridiculously easy to fathom and, at others, utterly bizarre and difficult. You can't progress through the story until you've exhausted all options and done everything right. This makes the gameplay very linear and will have you trying to combine everything you hold with everything around you in an effort to progress.

    The story is good enough to keep you playing but not excellent enough to make you think about it after you've put it down.

    It is an almost classic point and click adventure that will have you reminiscing about the days of Monkey Island (without the humour) and Broken Sword. A step in the right direction for the DS in my opinion but it only gets 3 stars because it hasn't pushed the boundaries of the genre enough, if at all.

  4.  Awesome, awesome, awesome


    Nothing bad to say - this is funny, lovely, gripping TV. The characters at times in the previous series may have gone off the boil but they're very much back in this one.

    Buy it!

  5.  Great conversion to the DS


    I played this game a lot on the N64 so was pleased to see it on the VC of the Wii but have actually found I play it a whole lot more on the DS. It's great to have a handheld version of a game that doesn't seem to have grown old, despite its age.

    You start off as Yoshi, which is immediately different to the original game but it just adds to the fun. The levels are the same (as far as I can tell; I haven't completed it yet) and equally as amusing as the first time round.

    The mini-games are a nice addition but they're basically the same as the ones on Super Mario Bros, though I'm not complaining.

    If they'd bring out Mario Sunshine as a DS game I think that would be the only thing to top this particular Mario adventure. I recommend this to Mario fans and newcomers alike.

  6.  If you don't like it, I don't believe you


    This is an excellent, excellent game and quite possibly one of the most entertaining on the PSP yet.

    It's actually pretty strange that playing through three stories that are so well known could actually be fun, mainly because you know what's going to happen in the end, but you'll find yourself playing for hours.

    If, like me, you're a Lego fan then you'll love how like real Lego the characters look. They haven't tried to remodel them or change the way the figures move and I think that is to the developer's credit.

    Completing each chapter isn't necessarily difficult because you don't really have 'lives' as such; you just lose Lego 'coins' every time you die and you don't want to do that because then you can't be granted the True Jedi title!

    The goal is to complete each level in 'Story Mode' and then go back in 'Free Play' and collect all the things you couldn't reach before because you didn't have the right character - for example, once you've accessed Darth Vader, you can go back and use the Force (because we'd all love to!) to move certain objects to help you complete the parts that were impossible before.

    There are no time limits on the levels (until you play the Challenge modes) and you can explore in Free Play as much as you like. Put simply, you really should check this title out and if you don't like it, I really would love to know why!

    Cannot wait for Lego Indiana Jones and Batman - awesome!

  7.  Much better than you'd think...


    When this game came out I was put off by some pretty mediocre reviews but found a cheap copy on playtrade and bought it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised.

    This game is actually really good. I spent a week in the Lake District where the weather was awful and I got hooked, playing late into the evening and getting up early in the morning just to get a few more hours in before others wanted the TV. That hasn't happened since FFVII!

    The graphics are stunning and the story is intriguing, if a little lost in places. The characters are varied and, although there is one REALLY annoying character, on the whole very likeable.

    The battle controls are easy to pick up with the classic turn based system and the different shadows are a nice touch.

    I like the fact that there are no surprise battles as you wander around; you can avoid the enemies if you like (though some have to be defeated to get to the treasure chests), which is a big plus in my opinion.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the depth of the levels was just superb.

    It only gets 4 stars because at times the battles got a little bit repetitive but that aside, an entertaining, easy going RPG for almost everyone.

  8.  Exactly what I've been after...


    This game is a classic puzzle adventure game adapted perfectly for the Wii. Yes, it's slightly childish in it's appearance and the voices are rather annoying but the game play is just so addictive.

    Each level requires you to solve the puzzles so you can find your way to the treasure. It's that simple.

    Getting the hang of the controls is very easy and makes the game more varied than most as you'll need to change your grip on the remote depending on what you're holding and what you want to do with the object.

    This game is a refreshing change and I wish more developers would consider this sort of format. My favourite game when I was younger was the original Monkey Island or even something like Hugo's House of Horrors! I know they would seem very boring now but it's been so long since I've enjoyed a game with a similar style.

    I can't wait for the next Zack & Wiki title (perhaps minus the stupid voices!) or more point and click adventures on the Wii.

  9.  High expectations sadly not met...


    I was really disappointed with this movie after reading the reviews; the acting was ok but the script was basic and the whole film felt very contrived.

    One scene in particular (during the middle part of the film) left me wondering what I'd missed for the characters to suddenly be where they were. I understand what they were trying to achieve but it fell short; if it had worked, it could have been amazing. The depth of character just wasn't established enough at that moment and it made the story feel very rushed.

    Saying all that, the end was actually a nice surprise and made the film worthwhile; so not a total loss.

    I would recommend All Over Me or If These Walls Could Talk 2 for more believable character and story development.

  10.  Very entertaining...


    I used to have this game on the Play Station years ago and it was always one of my favourites. The PSP version is basically the same game so having not played it for years I was, once again, very well entertained.

    It's humorous and enjoyable in a very simple way; it's a refreshing adventure game compared to a lot of the more gory and violent ones we've become used to.

    The story works and the character is likeable. The graphics are pleasant and not over the top. In essence, I would recommend this to all gamers who don't like to take themselves too seriously but don't want an easy game that they can complete in a couple of hours.