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  1.  RhyTheBhoy what are you on about????


    This guys review is totally rubbish. Dont listen to him at all, he has not played the game through. If you played it through then you would know this is twoddle. However back to the game:

    Geat graphics
    Great stroy
    Great gameplay
    Great length campaign

    However i will admit the multiplayer was a big let down. If youre looking for a solid single player experience then this is it but if youre looking for an online game that will keep you going then this is not your product. This game is a defo must buy for any single player frag head.

  2.  Must buy, best game about


    Graphics: Awesome
    Gameplay: Awesome
    Amount of vehicles: Awesome
    Guns: Awesome

    To sum this up, its like GTA on an exotic forest island with destructible environments and buildings. Five out of five for me, top notch game. Truly next gen

  3.  Dont take note of demo reviews


    As said before and like any other game, people will like it and others wont. In my eyes, Microsoft have made a winner. The controls take a while to get used to but when you do they are great. Using the right stick to attack has never been done before and works a treat. If you liked mass effect then you should like this.

  4.  Answer to ???


    Either see if a memory stick is compatiable with it and put it on there then put it on new console or buy an official xbox memory card/stick and put it on there and on new console. Hope this helps

  5.  Truly amazing


    Graphics dont sell any game but these graphics are beautiful, blur motion effects are cool and realistic. Added to this is the believable speech throughout the race and imbetween. Gaining liscences gives the game a cool twist and makes it that little bit challenging. People are being put off by the small selection of tracks and cars, but the amount of races is quite substantial and will keep people going for quite some time.

  6.  Get it


    You know what, so what if it doesnt have a true campaign mode or no real story. The developers have gone for a risk by placing these bot matches in here instead of a campaign mode. This gives the game a new angle instead of the run-of-the-mill story. It prepares you well for what you are about to be hit by online. The graphics look stunning on or off of an HDTV and theres so much freedom within each level. They are huge!!!!! Ignore the slating of the "story" mode as youll need the practice for online, trust me.

  7.  Hmmmm not sure about this one


    I know you shouldnt judge a game by the demo version only but i couldnt help but feel a little dissapointed. The graphics were great and the destructible environments worked a treat. However, i couldnt help but be reminded somewhat of Frontlines:Fuel of war. I needed to clear out a village/town and possibly destroy a sattleite dish etc. I also found myself pointing my gun at someone only to find that my bullets hadnt hit their target. I'll make a full judgement when i see the final product.

  8.  Wow


    I cant believe a band from my neighbouring village (Kippax i know!!!!!) can make a stunning album like this. Its sensational buy now dont hesitate.

  9.  Buy COD 4


    Its simple COD 4 is better, id even say buy Halo 3 instead of this because online is so much better than Frontlines. Graphics wise, COD 4 once again. The drones online give players such an advantage it just gets tedious, at best just borrow.

  10.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OMG what an awesome album its absolutley brilliant. The songs are brill but the CD & DVD packaging aint too good though. Oh and wheres the free poster that i was supposed to get???????