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  1.  EPIC GAME!


    Got this for christmas, so glad i did. The story is great, the combat is nice, the cut scenes look gorgeous, you have to get this game for your collection. The Multiplayer could be better though, & thats the reason i gave if FOUR stars. Its well worth it just for single player

  2.  Avoid....


    So infinity ward and mad catz teamed up to create a controller, how could this go wrong!?

    Well... Combat buttons could be a liiitle bit bigger, & in a slightly different place, L1 & R1 buttons are too stiff, no way responsive enough, just like the analogue sticks, they're also not as sensitive as the PS3 model. Ok so on the plus side the Mad Catz version has a nice green light glowing from it!

    Sorry but it just doesnt cut it, when playing COD everything needs to be perfect, & this controller is far from it!

  3. Saosin


    Saosin - CD

    2 New from  £15.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     hell yeah!


    Ive had this album for ages now, but just thought id add my 5 stars as this album doesnt have many ratings yet.
    You really should buy this album!!!
    From the opening track all the way to the end, amazing!


  4.  Im really not sure!.... urgh.


    Just finished playing the demo. The stage i got to play didnt really have a wow factor to it, so i hope in the final game the stage goes on for longer & is a bit more exciting.

    The controls seem ok, but when not with x pressed hiding against a wall, they seem a bit awkward! Throughout the stage you keep moving forward, so if an enemy is behind you then its kinda annoying to try & kill them, as you have to press x to move away from the wall, then turn all the way around (wich takes some time) to shoot them!
    Ok so its about being stealth & hiding, but the controls could be better for general movement out in the open.

    In the game options i had the control sensitivity all the way up, yet it still didnt seem fast enough to me.
    I also dont like the fact you dont have the option to change the actions for each button to how it suits you (perhaps this is missing because its only a demo? I hope thats the reason....)

    Im fearful that the stages will all be a bit samey, & that youll be playing it.... Just.. For the sake of playing it to get it over with!
    ( Like lotr conquest!! )

    I really wanted this game to be good, but i think id spend most of my time shouting at the screen in frustration!!

    If you found this at all useful if your thinking about buying this game then please click yes below :]

  5.  wonderful


    Stuck home today due to the snow, so i thought id watch this. Its a really nice/sweet/funny film :] one of the best ive seen for a long time!
    A real feel good movie :]

  6.  LAME MAPS?


    Single player is kewl, a lot more action than 4 right?
    But, the multiplayer maps just really dont cut it!

    Its so easy to tell the difference in design...
    In waw theres like no hiding places, most of it is out in the open! Just brainless shooting!
    With cod4 you could play how you want, take your time, & use your brain to get kills!

    Lets all go back to cod4!!
    Agree? Then click yes below please

  7.  Great game for a great price!!


    For £25 you cant go wrong! if you have an open mind then get this game, its a joy to play. ok so it CAN be sliiightly stressful at times when you keep getting killed, but hey just keep on keeping on untill you master that section!!

    The Graphics are Amazing! you really feel like your there. One review said the controls were messy!?? well i didnt think so, they work just as i hoped they would, makes jumping about from wall to wall seem effortless.

    Im still half way through this game, would liked the story to of been a little Deeper? they need to work on that in the next game, i want to feel more emotionaly involved with her ^.^
    hah! if you know what i mean ;]
    ...... lol jokes.

  8.  Repeat Repeat Repeat


    Kinda gets boring watching celebs saying things slightly off key in EVERY episode!! Cheap laughs....

  9.  amazing


    This is a great album! Woo!
    Feed your head & buy this :]

  10.  w0op!


    Cool shirt!!
    The one that i got deliverd was slightly different to the picture.
    But still great!