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  1.  dredd-ful


    I was really looking forward to this. In the end, the earlier Stallone movie was a better movie. Yes, really, which says a lot about how rubbish this one is. Now I'm old enough to be part of the generation who went out each week to buy the comic, so perhaps my expectations were raised. Nevertheless, this movie is forgettable and boring, and utterly utterly predictable. Years ago, Stallone's movie ruined Dredd by making him real and soft, this movie did this too, albeit to a lesser extent, and only near the end of the film, but it was an unnecessary betrayal of the character just to have a cinema audience leave with 'some' hope. Pity, but just a rubbish movie. But ... let me also finish with an unnecessary hopeful point: great casting as Dredd (even if the villain was a laughably prime exemplar for mis-casting).

  2.  Hours of entertainment


    This boxset has season 1 (5 episodes) and season 2 (lots more episodes). It's excellent value with hours of entertainment. Season 1 was shot on the cheap really, evidenced by poor camera work and amateurish usage of microphones, but it's great all the same. Season 1 had a completely different Southfork ranch, which was magically different by season 2! Overall this is a top notch buy. The only criticism I have is that it's not fully obvious that the DVDs are double-sided, and so it's easy to think entire episodes just aren't there at all, or easy to play the wrong side of the next disc when viewing the episodes in sequence. But, all the episodes are indeed there.

  3.  Exceptionally Unique


    Every so often, about twice a decade, a new artist emerges who is immediately exceptional. Rumer is exceptional. Reminiscent of Karen Carpenter, and perhaps Sade some years later, Rumer's soft and personal delivery of well-crafted songs just captivates. The songs are pristine and incredibly well-written. The album is carefully constructed, with the songs carefully positioned to offer an exceptional and unique album experience lacking in most modern artists. All the songs are really good, and there aren't any album fillers here. The flow of emotions and intent lead to an album that is more than the sum of its parts, and this is very rare. This is talent.

  4.  Atrocious


    Iron Man 1 was great. Iron Man 2 is completely awful, pathetic, poorly scripted, poorly acted, ad lacking in any proper story. This terrible sequel has delusions of adequacy, but with its continuity errors, drab dialogue, lacklustre villains and infrequent action, it just fails to entertain. And that's what it's all about, entertainment. This is rubbish, We'll no doubt see the DVD at cut-down prices quite soon. Appaling.