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  1.  This WILL be my soundtrack for 2011!


    This album for me had alot to live up to after such a great album Homesick. I heard All i want months before the album was released on the internet and although it was good-it wasnt what i expected its 100% grown on me now and as with Homesick every single song is EPIC-If you like homesick you should love What separates us from you.
    It has the dark heavier tracks like Sticks and Bricks and You be sonic ill be Tails with the likes of This is the house that doubt built and All signs point to Lauderdale thrown in there for some awesome pop-punk riffs-Lyrically ADTR are pure genius-one of the reasons they top most other band in my eyes pure genius!
    Its currently in my car CD player and cant see it being taken from there for a LONG time also seeing them in Bristol in February-DAMN RIGHT! excited much??!!

  2.  Dallas strikes again! The man..the legend


    Dallas Green is not just any lead singer in a hardcore rock band ("Alexisonfire") but he is a truely astonishing, highly under-rated musician. City and Colour-sometimes, touches on every aspect..i believe he is one of the most talented vocalists in this day and age, just listen to this album and you'll understand. Lyrically, it is beautiful..every song grips you and keeps you excited for the next track...not much else i can say, just buy it and prepare to be mesmerized ..brilliant

  3.  great album!


    so, bought the album after hearing "friends like these" and "Nicotine and alcohol saved my life" ..It was one of those albums that took its time to grow on me...now i LOVE it :-D cant stop listening to it, every song is really good in its own way. i'm going to see them shortly in Clwb ifor bach, wales..looking forward to it, recently heard the screamer has left- which is a tad dissapointing as the screaming & lead vocals together added a nice contrast to the songs, however the lead vocalist has an awesome voice so...we'll see! neways, buy the album..u wont regret it!!

  4.  my soundtrack of 2010 so far...


    Bought this album around christmas time, if you like your pop/punk with a slice of metal/screamo then this album is EPIC. in the last 6 months i think my car cd player has been without homesick twice, the rest of the time iv listened to it at the gym on my mp3 :-) The thing about this album is that im still finding great moments throughout! Jeremy's vocals have clearly improved enormously on homesick in comparison to ADTR's other albums, if you like the old stuff..you should LOVE there new stuff :-D also the bonus dvd with Homesick is awesome, really good live shows and crazy behind the scenes!

  5.  gives true meaning behind a martial arts film


    For anyone who has been involved in martial arts, studied it or is generally interested in martial arts and the history/culture of it- this film is well worth watching. The film portrays exactly how the world is misinterpreting martial arts, that the world is no longer interested in the culture, integrity and respect involved in martial arts, that people are using there martial arts clubs to simply make money. Bruce Lee had the right idea, he would only train people who had a genuine passion in the Arts and would never charge his students-granted people have to live, however as dipslayed in the film,fighters will sell there own families cultures/traditions out to make a quick bob. Chiwetel Ejiofor is briliant in this film and although this is not a full-on action packed fighting film, it does have the odd fighting scenes- but its the message behind the film that makes it a great film to watch.

  6.  An all round great album!!!


    I have listened to and loved Fall Out Boy for a long time now and being in a band myself, am completely jealous of the catchy, melodic, addictive music that they have always made. This album is no different, every song in its own right is amazing, patrick stumps voice is even better than previous albums (buy the limited editin "Folie A Deux" album and check out the acoustic version of "what a catch, donnie"- patrick's voice at its best!) If you're a fan of Fall Out Boy you have to have this album, really good easy listening! big up the FOB

  7.  Cruise' best film to date...awesome!!


    This film is excellent! I watched this when it was first released and then bought it when it came out on DVD. Tortured by the memories of death and the killing of innocent people,Nathan Algren ( Tom Crusie) is a civil war veteran drinking alot to try and rid of these bad memories.
    Algren is asked to train the empereors troops in japan, his task proves incredibly difficult due to the troops lack of experience both in battle and in using live ammunition! Algren marches the japanese soldiers into a one-sided battle against the Samuari warriors, the Samurai completely obliterate anything in their way capturing Algren. Algren has to spend everyday, living and breathing the life and ways of the samurai- the scenes in this film are breath-taking and if you're not totally overcome by the incredible views, you'll be gripped and on the edge of you're seat watching the spectacular changes that Algren is faced to go through- literally fighting to earn the respect of the samurai warriors.
    Granted, after hearing other peoples opinions and just from reading about he Samurai- this film probably isnt 100% historically acurate, however it does not hinder the acting (Tom Cruise/Ken Watanabe) and the magnificent story behind The Last Samurai one bit....A MUST WATCH-definately worth more than 5 stars!



    Great film! Alot of people had doubts about this film yet ricky gervais prevails again! Who would have thought the loser from the office would come this far! Ghost town is actually one of my faveourite films of the year!
    Gervais' character, bertram pincus, is impolite,awkward and incredibly harsh to anyone who dares talk to him, he's a complete social recluse living the life as a lonely dentist, until he realises he can both see and communicate with dead people-so much so that his life gets completely over run by the people who havent yet "gone to the light" due to unsettled business!
    This film has everything from comedy through to romance and the transformation in bertram pincus' character is brilliant! Overall a clever and really well made film! Note: Look out for the part where he yells "how can teeth be self-righteous!"..he's talking to one of the dead and only he can see him, its such a random outburst in front of a completely confused couple! Hilarious!

  9.  10 stars if this was possible....


    For anyone who either has or has not seen the BTTF films, 1,2 and 3 are all amazing films in their own little way- granted the third one is probably the weakest of the trilogy, however still has some great moments! If anyone out there is considering watching BTTF, just do it- if you're into action,comedy, mad scientists and a typical amercian teenager travelling time in a plutonium powered Delorean (sometimes going horribly worng!) then this film will blow your mind!! Michael J Fox is incredible in it and no-one could have played the famous "mcfly" any better in my opinon and Christopher Lloyd couldnt have done a better job at playing the crazy Dr Emmet Brown! Really fantastic films, would advise anyone to watch them!

  10.  Vampire baseball anyone?


    This film could have quite easily gone either way, before watching this a number of people were a bit weary- including myself. However, when watching it i really did enjoy it. Its starts with Bella Swan moving to her fathers house, to a place called Forks- where she doesn't know anyone. At the new school she meets a young guy called Edward and things start to get even better.
    Robert Pattison (Edward cullen) plays a great part in Twilight, when Bella first walks in to class and is forced to sit next to Edward- you can sense the awkwardness,not from bella but from Edward. Its funny because you can tell that he's fighting back the need to, well basically kill and drink her blood. Edward realises that Bella is the girl that hes been waiting for and so leaves school for a couple of weeks- just to avoid the temptation of killing her. When he arrives back at school they sart to talk properly and get to know each other,very well.
    Edward introduces bella to the rest of The Cullens, its comical when one of the family still hasnt really got over the "no drinking human blood" rule and when he shows bella around his house. Its a really well made film and although i have heard, from people who have read the book, that its rushed-thats because its very hard to fit everything, exactly as it appears in a book, into a film- without making the film last about 3days! Overall, great film!