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  1.  A great allround gaming experience


    If like me you long for a replacement for the Grand Tirismo games you enjoyed as a child, then this (as far as the Xbox is concerned) is the answer.

    The format of the game is excellent and fun, graphics are stunning and the game play is challenging and fun.

  2.  Brilliant


    If you are a fan of Street Fighter then you will love this game, it retains all of the move structures everyone knows jazzed up with some heavy front end graphics.

  3.  A fairly fun game


    The concept of the game is brilliant, a Tekken game that contains all previous characters. Where it falls down is in its Scenario mode, it is very unresponsive and tricky to play. The Arcade mode and VS mode is fantastic retaining and improving all the Tekken aspect that everyone loves.

  4.  Great exsperience to play


    If you liked the first modern warfare then you are guaranteed to love this game. Like the first installment the game itself is short, however the online xbox live features are enough to keep you amused for years.

  5.  Noustalgia at its finest


    A great collection of well loved games at a very reasonable price!

  6.  A great relief from Vista


    A vast overall improvement from Vista, essentially keeping the good aspects and discarding the bad ones.

    I have heard complaints about upgrade times and problems completing the upgrade. I have had no problems and i think for anyone worried about doing the upgrade, just use common sense!!
    I.e. if you have 100gb of info and 60 programmes installed then expects to wait a while, equally when people say a clean install is faster! Not when you have to install all your programmes and transfer all your data back.

    This is definitely what Windows Vista should have been on release. However since Vista wasn't, Windows 7 should deliver on functionality, aesthetics and speed.

  7.  Good Buy


    These earphones are good, they are not great when on the move as they catch a lot of internal sound, like chewing or footsteps.

    The sound quility is really good, the in ear parts have lasted a round a year with no problems.

    They dont produce a great deal of external noise, which is useful as you can listen to your mp3/4 or ipod on public transport without making everyone else hate your guts.

    An all round good buy

  8.  A good introduction to web layouts using Div's


    If you are looking for a good step by step guide in building webpages using CSS & Div's.

    From a graphical point of view the website samples they have created for the book are mediocker at best.

    If you are familuar with CSS then this isn't for you, if you have no experience of website building then this is a good foundation or if your looking to switch from Tables to Divs then this book it worth having.

  9.  A must read for fans!!!


    As a fan a Star Wars i was disappointed to say the least with the latest trilogy of films.

    This book basically answers the questions of how after episode III Anakin Skywaker truly becomes Darth Vader. It deals with a lot of issues to do with vaders new life in his 'suited prison' and it also explains a great deal about Palpatines new political structure.

    The best thing about this book is the authors attention to detail with the characters and their environment, something which i believe the latest trilogy lacked especially in the final episode.

    For anyone who is thinking buying this book visit wookiepedia, a lot of the content on Vader post episode III comes from this book.