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  1.  Highly anticipated - bit of a let down


    When i saw the news that Ambitions was coming out i was excited that we were getting another expansion pack so soon. Upon seeing it i immediately looked at what would be involved in this expansion pack. The chance to follow your sims at work and develop their careers hands on. This was an entirely new aspect of the sims that we have all wanted for a long time. The pack was pre-ordered right away after i read just about being able to control your sims at work.
    Now that its installed and ive played it for a little while, i have to say i feel a little let down, yes you get an entire new game play mode by being able to control your sim as a fire-fighter, an architect, a stylist, ghost hunter etc... but where is all the other stuff we expect from a new expansion pack, the new clothes, new items and new features? i did feel a little cheated, but when i started looking closer you discover some little things that they've changed, the ability to place empty lots in current towns, the addition of the education career, the ability to be self-employed based on your skills, the re-developed genetics link so children adopt more of the parents features. I fell in love with these aspects of the game, but soon started to dislike the ability to have control of your sim at work. With the open gameplay like that it makes it difficult to be able to run a traditional family in the game, if one of your sims is involved in one of the new "professions" as you need to be with them almost all the time for them to be able to advance and develop at their career, leaving the rest of the family underplayed and neglected.
    Its the little things that ive managed to warm to that have made having this expansion pack bearable and has to an extent changed my playing style a little bit so that i can enjoy the professions for a while before developing the sims life and family. In general i would advise to buy the expansion pack, you may feel a little let down at first, due to the lack of new items, clothing etc... but its the little changes and the way you might change as a player of the game that make this expansion pack worth buying.

  2.  An enjoyable experience


    This film was slated by film critics, but it has a sort of charm that keeps your attention and keeps you entertained whilst watching it. It wasn't a massive performer at the box office, but i believe that it is being undersold by many! The storyline is good, with a solid cast and provides the viewer with a number of excellent action moments along with providing a developing storyline and relationship in the film.
    If anything i would recommend watching it, its not the highlight of the year film wise, but it fills the gap between the big commercial films of the year!

  3.  Hit and Miss


    This season is a bit of a hit and a miss, drawing on Family Guys patented storylines and cutaways. There are some episodes that fall flat in this season, but then the rest of the season makes up for it by bring us those classic moments that make us like family guy, with Peters shenanigans, Stewie's inventions and a long awaited storyline about the evil monkey in the closet. I will say that its a shame that the UK boxsets dont match up to the US airing schedule. Over all a good watch with a few episodes worth skipping.