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  1.  Superb, just superb.


    I got this for my wife really. She's not fat or anything, just needs to get her flexibility and balance improved along with a cardio workout now and then. She has a mobility issue due to a debilitating condition. Anyway, i can't believe how good this is. She is able to do some zen-tai chi, and some gym games. i have had a go and have thoroughly enjoyed getting the ol ticker going and working up a right sweat. The body mapping is amazing, the routines are varied and can be short and sharp or longer and slower, the gym games are fun and it just looks perfect. The zen classes are relaxing as well as giving you a good stretch. Doing a fitness programme and being totally in sync with the trainer quick time is a sight to behold ! i am going to show this to as many people as possible. Another person i know in a similar situation has gone out and bought the whole set up for her husband after seeing a vid i sent her on my mobile of my wife doing some exercises. TOP NOTCH.
    As i said in my kinect review, try and mount the sensor high up, the play area is a lot nearer the tv this way.

  2.  Superb- better than all expectations.


    I told my mrs that this would be good for the kids for xmas. little did i know that the whole family including nanna at 80odd years old would be bowling and getting 3stars on dance central ! then last night a friend popped round with his lot to see it working as ironically, play.com didn't send him his kinect so he didn't have it on xmas day and is still waiting. Anyway, that's for him to sort out. As they arrived i heard his mrs say there was no way she was playing any bloomin games. After a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, kinect was fired up and stayed on for over 3 hours ! She now wants the new slim and kinect in their front room so they can all play, this was a total about turn. I just feel for the lad if his new toy ends up being a little less accessible ! Still, his bedroom's very small his dad said, and the tv downstairs is much bigger. Go on, stop looking, click buy and knock yourself out !
    Another note. try and get the sensor above the tv, your space requirement goes down massively. i went from 2 and half feet off floor and needing 12 feet, to 5 and a half feet off floor and needing no more than 8.