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  1.  Gold Cobra was worth the wait


    This album took a long time and I feared an over produced sterile album would be the end product. I couldn't have been more wrong. The album starts of with the usual intro stuff going on and then bang you experience the limp bizkit that turn up in live shows, full of aggression and power. Shotgun is the real stand out song on the first few listens of the album and the more I hear Gold Cobra the more it make sense. Limp Bizkit are certainly back and this time they may just hang around.

  2.  Third time not so lucky


    I was looking forward to the third album from Black Stone Cherry as the first two albums are full of great rock music and would score them five stars. I have seen the band live three times and have always been impressed by them. This album is quite disappointment as it just does not have the same grunt as its predecessors. There are to many slow songs on this album and at times it seems as if the band have tried to be far to radio friendly with hardly any song going over the four minute mark. I feel the band are now trying to reach a bigger audience with this album, which isn't a bad thing if you stick to the roots of what made you successful in the first place. If you are new to Black Stone Cherry buy either of the first two albums they are much stronger than their third effort.

  3.  Stripped Down Back to Basics Masterpiece


    Korn strip everything back and come up with their best album in years. The old school korn are back with a head pounding raw sound that at times can be uncomfortable listening. The emotion runs high throughout the album with Jonathan Davis laying himself bare for the whole world to see, Songs such as let the guilt go and are you ready to live? show that korn still have issues and that is why so many of us come back for more. Ross Robinson certainly know what buttons to push to get the best out of Korn with a stripped down sound that at times is claustrophobic and relentless but absolutely brilliant.

  4.  Every Bodies Got Issues, Have You?


    What do you do after Follow the Leader. If you are Korn you create masterpiece with issues. The title couldn't be more apt from the first words you hear "all I want in life is to be happy" you then know what you are going to get from Issues. This album is full of emotion with Dead and 4U proving you don't have to scream to get your point across. Falling away from me and make me bad are two classic songs which are complemented by the likes of counting, somebody someone and hey daddy. There are no fillers on this album with Issues to be amongst the best of Korns creations.

  5.  Ozzy's Finest Hour


    When I first purchased this album almost 20 years ago I played it non stop and I am still enjoy it now. The title track no more tears brings out the best of ozzy and zakk wylde on guitar, a truly epic song that builds on the four tracks before it and sets you up for the rest of a of ozzy's finest hour. There is no playing up to the prince of darkness tag on this album just great rock/metal songs from the man who helped start the heavy metal genre. This album showed the world ozzy could do it on his own.

  6.  Chilled Out Philosophical Look at The World


    The singers deep and mellow tones carry you away to a happy place where the worlds hectic pace is replaced with long hot summers days and life is looked at through rose tinted glasses. The album gives crash test dummies philosophical veiws of everything from how the world was created to what we will be like when we grow old, without feeling preached to in any way. God Shuffled his Feet the title track sets the tone of the album from the start and the MMM MMM MMM MMM song shows that even with strange lyrics this album works on all levels. I think ill disappear now and how does a duck knows shows the lyrics are clever and thought provoking which makes god shffled his feet a joy to listen to.

  7. Dirt


    Alice In Chains - CD

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     A Dark Masterpiece


    Alice in Chains have oftern been overlooked as Nirvana and Pearl Jam got all the plaudits when grunge took over the world. Dirt is as good if not better than anything Alice in Chains peers produced. Them bones sets the theme to a masterpiece of dark subject matter of drugs and motality. The late Layne Staley vocals combined with Jerry Cantrells creates a haunting atmosphere which draws you in to a world where hope is almost lost. Rooster, angry chair and would? provide the frame work of Alice in Chains finest hour. The whloe album is a journey into desperation with no song letting down the genius that is Dirt.

  8.  An interesting addition to the korn family


    As with any new release from korn you can never be sure what you are going to get. I have been a fan from the early days and have to say the album is an eclectic mix of songs which are in general good, however the loss of the heavy rifts leads to album that falls short of a stopping korn classic. It seems that korn have tried to fit in to an area which manson and co seem to be treading these days. The album is a good purchase however if you are a first timer to korn and you really want to know the korn sound check out their self titled first album korn.

  9. Holy Wood

    Holy Wood

    Marilyn Manson - CD

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     Great in parts but not as a whole


    Marylin Manson has corted controversy throughout his career and with fight song and no boddies he was still sticking two fingers up to the world. The nature of this album has anthems for the disenchanted but that is where the album ends. The album runs it's course well but you start to feel that manson was starting to run out of ideas of how to get under the skin of establishment after being the antichrist superstar and an androgenous being. The sad thing is that the shocks started to fade by this album and you are left looking to the past.

  10.  Different is Good but not Great


    A Change in direction is not a bad thing that has always been the fascination with Korn. The album provides some great songs, the stomping coming undone and spine tingling throw me away see korn at their best. Unlike most of korn albums there does seem to be some fillers and the atmosphere of songs jump around a little bit. Two years isn't along time between releases and may be the knee jerk reaction to Heads departure rushed the release. Saying that twisted transistor and love song help make see you on the other side one for the korn fans but not the best album to start with.