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  1.  Alright


    Well after being an Oblivion fan and modder, I thought Skyrim yeh looks really good, plays really well, I have everything on ultra along with a few higher res texture mods in place, the only flaws which are pretty substantial and im actually wondering whether or not to bother with this game anymore are the texturing issues this game evidently has, I mean you come out of a dungeon and your confronted with Pink or Purple Trees or in my case a pink mountain top... or purple armor... the texturing bug is known to bethesda, so a patch is likley on its way.... but the other annoying one which every pc user out there will have at some stage or another the dreaded crash to desktop. Yes Skyrim does have it.

    Hopefully a patch will come out to sort this all out, otherwise it would get 10/10 from me. But till then only 5/10.

    Not really bothered with semi complete and heavily bugged games being released, seems like every game developer is doing it.

  2.  Rise of Oh.... dear


    Well the game gets 5 stars for gameplay and some of the well developed mods that go with it, like Draxus. The game is very much like orginal Age of Empires and the graphics are not that good even if you change the rise.ini file to fit your resolution it still looks quite bad im ruinning it at 1920x 1080 and it looks well laughable. But because its such a simple and good game you overlook the graphics after a few playtrhoughs. I hae had days months weeks of entertainment from this, and I will honestly say its alot better to play than Empure earth 2,3 age of empires series and the total wars. This game still rules the roost im afraid.

  3.  Naughty.... well go to your room and stay there!


    Naughty bear i bought because the trailer sold me, killing teddy bears to traumatise children... what more could you want. Right well thats how i thought, Naughty bear is quite violent but after a while the killing becomes less and less funny and the challenges where by its more like survive from 'night of the living ted' is just god awful. Funny at first but after maybe half way through the game or like me 1/3 of the way through i traded this game in and god something else.

    Its funny for like 3 hours then you will never play it again, unless your really simple minded. Sorry but only 3 stars. For the 3 hours of fun i had with it.

  4.  Very Good


    All 3 Books, Water,Earth and Fire all make for a fantastic series, they are fun to watch, sweet and actually rather emotional.. the way the characters emotions are portrayed makes this probably one of the best anime's ive seen for a long long time. The Soundtrack is very nice too.
    I wish play.com stocked all 3 of the series but sadly they don't appear to :( Otherwise i would buy all 3 on the spot.

    I'd reccomend this to any ages, yes it does appear at times to be a bit "kiddy" with the jokes and laughing aspect but none the less makes for an excellant watch.

  5.  Funny little thing


    Its quite a funny little toy. I love how it says on the barrel "this is a toy and should not be modified in anyway" i filed that away and then stretched the spring and im in the process of removing the red light with a decent mag light and then a possible scope of a cheap pair of binoculars :D

    It is a very fun toy and is a must for all ages me and a friend ganged up and did a drive by with one of these, great fun.

    I would reccomend buying alot of extra rounds though say an extra 32 or so and then plenty of shooty powarh!!!!!!