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  1.  What a finale!


    Before this, The Goblet of Fire was my favourite of the HP Saga, but I can definitely say after seeing this, this is my new favourite, and what an ending to put to the end of a great storyline!

    Emotional, gripping, amazing effects, and absolutely stunning music / sound! A great gift this Christmas! =D 10/10

  2.  Funny, not incredibly, but funny!


    I was expecting this film to be incredibly hilarious and be a great great laugh and don't get me wrong, it was seriously funny.

    The reason why I give this 4 out of 5 stars is because it wasn't really as funny as I thought it would be, more just swearing and not living up to how funny it's TV series is, however, a must buy this Christmas :D!

  3.  A perfect sequel!


    This film had a lot to live up for from it's first being so funny and amazing, and I can say now boy does it live up to that! Once again, Funny, Tear-bursting laughter!


  4.  Great gets Greater!


    The star wars saga (double trilogy) has to be one of, if not THE best trilogy that has ever come in film history, also one of the most successful and one of the most popular, even among children, and adults. Being able to now see this in 1080P Full HD is truly amazing! The effects are better than ever before, the audio is more crisp than ever before, you can truly immerse yourself in a brand new universe! 10/10!

  5.  Amazing!


    Been using this monitor for a while now and all I can say is that it's absolutely brilliant! The colour's are so crisp and the detail is just unimaginable! Big 5/5!!

  6.  BUY! BUY! BUY! BUY!


    I've had my new iPod now since a little over a few weeks after it was released, and trust me, I can honestly say that I've never owned anything as good as this. The amount of things this little thing can do are just mind boggling. You can play games with amazing graphics, music, full HD films on it's retina display, HD video recording, Facetime, You've got the lot! The price is also so extremely attractive. If you have the money, Buy one of these! You will NOT regret it! This is the iPhone 4, just without the phone & text feature, plus with a very nice slim design ;-).

  7.  Slightly confusing..


    This is a great film don't get me wrong, the visual effects, the soundtrack, the acting and script, but the actual storyline is sort of misleading. You have to pay 101% absolute attention to it for the whole time it's on to even get CLOSE to understanding what's happening, but after you watch it 2 or more times you do get the hang of it. Great film, recommended buy but you will have to pay a lot of attention :D.

  8.  Pixar have done it again..


    Once again Pixar have managed to do it again. Another totally brilliant film for any child, adult, grandparent, or just generally a family film! Seeing the toy's on their final adventure with the amazing storyline followed on from toy story 1 and 2, this film just never will dissapoint. I have watched this countless times now and it always brings a tear to my eye. You would have thought by now that Pixar's films would get a bit boring, and that they always do the same thing and that you might tell whats going to happen, but trust me, I don't know how they do it, but they do! Definitely a must buy!

  9.  Brilliant film!


    Saw the original. Bought the original. Saw the special edition. Bought the special edition. This film has got such a great storyline, amazing effects and the amount of time that was put in this film can definitely be shown in it's amazing outcome. This is by far my favorite film that I have ever seen and a big recommended buy for anybody!

  10. 300



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     Totally Brilliant


    I saw this film on bravo the other day and i was absolutely amazed, finally a good sword and shield film!! haha!, 4/5 stars, mainly because during the fight scenes they keep slowing the camera down and speeding it up again every few seconds, i love the slow-mo but have it on for a while at a time not every second eh? was a bit off-putting but its such a brilliant film!

    Definatly a recommended buy!