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  1.  Such A Shame


    I've been trying to fool myself into liking this game and looking at the positive aspects but it is such a let down.

    Positives +

    + Challenges and Licenses are good fun and will keep you playing, trying to beat times.
    + Premium cars into photo mode look amazing.

    Negatives -

    - Some of the standard cars look terrible, like they have been ripped out of GT3 and GT4.
    - Lack of racing events.(Played for about 8 hours and almost finished half of the A-Spec events)
    - B-Spec mode, why would you want to watch the AI race?
    - Jaggy/Glitchy graphics are really obvious and annoying, a real eye sore.
    - No feel of the car, not much response vibration wise through the controller.
    - Used Car Lot, You can save up for a car but then never find it, because it will never appear in the used car lot. 800 cars and you could spend ages looking for one.
    - Damage, Wait until level 40? why, there is no need for this. Also damage doesn't really compare to GRID or even Forza 3.
    - Game freezes and crashes every so often, meaning you have to sit through silly loading times again.
    - AI is useless and will not move away from the racing line, meaning the AI pits you every so often.
    - Hardly any customization, You can't even change the alloys of a standard car.

    If you are looking for a fun game, play NFS: Hot Pursuit. It is very enjoyable.

    So many limitations in this game, and its such a shame. Only the second time I will sell a game, only a week after purchase.