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  1.  Hail to the king!


    At the core of this game, technically speaking it's not amazing by way of gameplay mechanics. However, this doesn't infringe upon the fun you have playing it in the slightest! The game is rough around the edges but still very much the Duke Nukem we love, with tongue-in-cheek gameplay and interaction with various things around you, its an incredibly fun and amusing game to play. From Duke's one liners to picking up faeces from toilets and lobbing it at enemies to having a quick game of pinball.
    Everything is here that we loved about Duke back in the day, and Gearbox already announced they'd be making more of them (hopefully it won't take 12 or so years).
    The reason this game only got 4/5 from me is the multiplayer, generally the game modes are hectic and fun but deathmatches are horribly plagued with latency, which is a little odd because I don't have the same latency issue with capture the babe (which is amazingly fun to play).
    Either way, this is a great come-back for Duke and I can hardly wait to see what Gearbox will do next!

  2. SAW



    5 New from  £25.51  Free delivery

     Creepy, Atmospheric, but the combat...


    The game is set in an eerie asylum, a great setting for a saw game really because it retains the creepy feeling of the Saw movies but is also able to be a proper, full sized game.

    Graphically, this isn't the most impressive game I've seen, but its certainly not the worst. Some textures are better than others, and some aren't very good, thankfully the dark, creepy lighting hides those though. 3.5/5.

    Gameplay is good and paced slowly (but the slow pacing lets you get more immersed in your setting and adds to the atmosphere) until you come to the combat.. the combat is dreadful, if your enemy gets the first hit, you may aswell restart from the last checkpoint, as you will most likely not be able to land a hit. Having said that, outside of combat you are always on edge looking for Jigsaws next deadly trap. With good puzzles that require some thought, and not too much combat, Saw manages to make up for the dreadful combat, 4/5.

    The audio is perfect in this game, with creepy sound effects happening all around you, hearing people run on the floor above you and various other sounds always manage to keep you on edge, adding great atmosphere to the game, 5/5.

    On the whole, Saw is a decent game but some people will not like it because of the combat and how the game is paced. Apart from the combat, the game may get slightly repetetive in long amounts of continuous gameplay, however once you put it back on the next day, you find yourself immersed in the Saw world once again.