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  1.  PS2 graphics, a lot of rough edges.


    Don't get trick by the game clips. It's nothing like that.

    The game play graphics is absolutely dated like PS2 and the characters movement during conversation are jerky and unreal. The voices & sound are okay, it is nothing special. The speech is very robotic and the environment is simply lack of atmosphere.

    It's different league compare to Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Red Dead Redemption.

    It seems to me that the developer could improve the PS3 port a lot but released early instead. Very disappointed. Maybe that's why they push the price down and I am glad I got it for a tenner.

  2.  3.5/5 - AI can do better, not so strategic, semi-real


    I bought this game because the general review in play.com gives this 4-5 out of 5. However, i think this game have plenty of rooms to improve in every area:

    - Ai, very unrealistic and it would better if the ai be more aggressive, more movement hiding from one place to another. I don't even need other squads to help me throughout the game in veteran level. Nothing strategic.
    - Gameplay, missions are a bit repetitive, nothing new. Tanks missions are dull.
    - Others, sound effects & cutscenes are not bad.

    However, if you love call of duty 4, you will find this game is quite disappointing. Cod4 is better than this game in every aspects: Pace, intensity, sounds, missions design, atmosphere, sounds and gameplay.

  3.  Get bored after ten minutes of gameplay


    I have pre-ordered this game that I thought the idea behind the game looks interesting. The first 10 mins was great experience but after that is just repetition, dull.
    Even progress to next evolution, the gameplay is just nothing special.

  4.  Cheap & cheerful. Little choice of free titles


    It's a good price to get yourself into HD DVD quality.

    I have a Sony Bravia LCD TV & a DVD player and I can clearly tell the difference of the finish touch & feel. If you value the price more than quality, then this is ideal for you.

    Here are all the negative points I have experienced:

    1) First of all the LCD display on the player looks sluggish
    2) It takes a while (7-10 secs) to get the machine to start.
    3) On some HD DVD titles, it takes a while to bring up the top menu.
    4) Yes, the purchase comes with 2 free titles: 300 & Bourn Supremacy but you can only choose five free titles out of 13 old movies by filling in a form.
    5) Minor point to most of the users but big to me. This player doesn't play VCD. If you watch a lot of Hong Kong movies, then you will know what I mean.

  5.  Way too difficult near the end


    I am not a hard core gamer and I have played & finished all the past Zelda games except this one. Yes, I gave up!! Can you believe it!!??

    In some parts, the game play are excellent but also some are purely frustrating. I was shock with the level of difficulties. Especially, when the whole control mechanism is completely different. Quite near the end, the Palace of Twilight, you have to pass three chambers, get the light orb, carry the orb back to the starting point while avoiding the stupid hand coming to catch you. If you get caught up, you have to go all the way back (3 chambers) and start it all over. Not to mention that bloody black fog in the middle to force to become a wolf, so that you cannot turn back to Zelda to use the weapons. I nearly smash this !"£$%^ game. What the game designer(s) was(were) thinking!!!
    You don't do that to prolong the game play hours.

    There are certainly more platform elements than the last one Wind Waker which I thoroughly enjoyed. Puzzles in this game are good but not top quality.

    Also there are times that I have run out of clues. Not that obvious. I have to look up online for hints.

    I would suggest if you are not a hard core gamer, then be expect some uphill struggles in some areas.

    Overall, this is a slight disappointment compared to previous Zelda games.

  6.  The game play is disappointing.


    A lot of marketing effort gone into this game and the cut scene movies really look stunning. Although lot of places to travel and missions to accomplish, the game play feels sluggish and lack of continuity. Just nothing special.

    This game has nothing can match the quality of Diablo.