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  1.  Decent, But Lacking.


    When buying Just Cause 2 I was told it was one of the best Action/Adventure/RPG's going. So as many people would be I couldn't wait to try it out. At first, I loved it. The graphics are great, the content and variety is good and the freedom and choice was very well portrayed. However, after a while it does begin to get too repetitive, like you know too much what to do and I seriously hate the stupid auto-save system!! I do, on the other hand like the way it does take time to get to several locations without the aid of the 'Black Market Dealer' from whom you can buy several vehicles and weapons. The story was good and I enjoyed the ending. But, this game would be interesting to see if it had a Multiplayer mode. Occasionally on video games like this that have extremely long campaigns I like to have a couple of games online before continuing on with the story. I think that may be the main reason I found this game too repetitive because to get a break from the story, well you had to completely leave the game.

    Graphics 4/5
    Content 5/5
    Variety 5/5
    Story 4/5
    Multiplayer N/A

    Total 3/5

    Good but could be improved.

  2.  Seriously the Game of the year 2010. Not many will compete.


    Only three words are seriously needed to describe every single atom of Red Dead Redemption.

    1. Buy
    2. This
    3. NOW!


  3.  4/5 However Multiplayer not amazing.


    After playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: World at War I was exceedingly hyped about the next instalment in the well known action game series. I got the game the day it was released (10th Nov 2009) and needless to say I was more than pleased. The Campaign, Multiplayer and Spec-Ops all really did it for me. I was very into the game straight away and pretty much drowned away into the early hours of the morning playing non-stop Multiplayer. As always the Graphics are stunning, the sounds of the gun shots, movement, grenades and general environment all enhanced the feel MW2 gives you. The gameplay on the solo Campaign was once again outstanding and probably one of the best aspects of the game but should of been a tad longer as a 6 hour Campaign isn't very challenging or difficult to beat.The Multiplayer is brilliant and the new range of weapons, killstreaks etc... was a good change. All things aside MW2 is a classical game and deserves it's position as the most anticipated game of 2009 but however once again it is too repetitive. Now I'm not saying I don't enjoy the COD series because I seriously do but only for the first 2 or 3 months. After that the same maps, weapons and challenges really makes you feel like you have nothing to achieve in the game. Yes there's the Prestige mode but some gamers prefer to take their time before entering this mode and I really find it as if 10th Prestige is a pointless achievement. Okay so spend over 500 hours of your life trying to prove absolutely nothing on a video game. Unless you really are a serious MW2 gamer or you are in some form of paid clan this level is pointless. It isn't as if 10th Prestige gives you more weapons or abilities than no Prestigers is it? The only difference is you get Prestige challenges and callsign upgrades but this has minimum effect on the actual gameplay. All in all once again I enjoyed MW2 for the 1st few months but I can't stand it now. I give it 4/5 because it is a brilliant game but it is too much of the same thing with no real goal in the game. Unless you have a lot of time to spend on your PS3 and you really are a hardcore Multiplayer gamer don't get this game. The story is epic but too short and Spec-Ops was just a last minute add-on so no 10 year olds complained about there being no Terrorist Zombies to follow up from Nazi-Zombies on Call of Duty: World at War.
    Solo Campaign = 3/5
    Multiplayer = 2/5
    Spec-Ops = 1/5
    Graphics = 5/5
    Sound = 5/5
    Gameplay = 4/5

    Overall a 4/5.