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  1.  Very cool gun.


    I own most of the nerf guns and have avoided this one for some time due to other reviews saying it was a low quality weapon.
    But when it was reduced this week I took the plunge, I wish I had ages ago, this gun rocks.
    First off the deploy feature is really cool.
    I know other struggle with darts jamming, but after owning a few of these CS guns I realise that it is a case of how you load and prime the weapon that actually causes the jam, my 6 year old can manage to fire it without jamming when under fire so just keep at it!
    I combined mine with the barrel extension and light sight off of the recon and this is one cool gun to the point where I didn't buy the longstrike I have been after for months :)

  2.  Excellent addition


    This gun si awesome, and worth it for the accessories alone.
    18 dart clips are always handy :)
    Then the gun, it is a big thing and it gets even heavier with the batteries in, but my 4 year old manages to use it fine, I also opted to use d - AA converters to cut down the weight and add the option of upping the power if need be, but to be honest it fires faster than the raider just with 9v.
    Great buy, great gun, but shop around as you can get it cheaper.

  3.  Good for spare darts and mags


    This is ok.
    The spare mags and dart are always useful in a scrap, nut the flip-clip is too flimsy to be used in combat.

  4.  Great gun, good accessories


    Bought this for the wife, but as she claimed my raider I got this.
    The accessories are great (especially if you own more than one n-strike gun).

    Excellent gun for covert ops rather than filling an area with darts.
    It definitely needs more clips and darts to make full use of the gun in a fight.
    It is however compatible with the cs range of magazines so can accomodate the CS35 drum off of the raider no problem.

    Will be buying some more darts and clips ASAP.

  5.  The best thing since sliced bread


    What is not to like.
    Detachable stock, fully compatible with n-strike accessories and a massive 35 shot capacity.
    On autofire, you can really control an area with this gun.
    Bought it for myself and have had it 'confiscated' by the wife as her main weapon.

    The darts can jam if you get carried away, but come on if they didn't you would own everyone else :)

    The jun is also interchangable with CS6 & CS 18 magazines for a bit of variety.

    Great gun, great price.

  6.  Great gun for the smaller members of the team


    Bought this for my youngest as she struggles to cock the bigger guns.
    She is deadly with it.
    Easy to cock, good features and decent range and accuracy for such a small gun.

    The laser sight is also very cool :)
    The only downside is the dart storage capacity, but this can be easily overcome.

    Great as a reserve side-arm or as a younger team members main gun.

  7.  Great set, Great price


    A great starter set for those wanting to get into competitive nerf.
    This was the first set that arrived in our household of 4 and it caused arguments straight off as to who was going go first.
    10 shots per gun (in the set) and loads of fun.

    Only downside is when warm the darts can rise up in the barrel causing jams (but you soon learn to watch for those) and the velcro can come off the ends (soon fixed).

    All in all a great starting set.
    Buy it along with the ridiculously cheap refill set of 30 darts and holder for 2.50 so that you never run out.