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  1.  Another classic album


    Once again E has created an album of wonderful songs. The final part to his "trilogy" of albums that started with Hombre Lobo and followed by End Times. This album reminded me a lot his 2 early solo albums before he made it big with the Eels, with some beautiful lyrics mixed with haunting music. If you're a fan of the Eels you'll buy this anyway and know what to what to expect. If you are new to the Eels (where have you been for the last 14 years!) then this is as good a starting point as any. I can guarantee you'll be looking for the whole back catalogue soon enough (currently at 11 albums not including rare and limited editions)

  2.  pure brilliance


    I absolutely love this album. Although it's hard to pick a favourite from all the Eels albums, if I had to make a choice it would probably be this album. These isn't a single track I only like a bit. I could put this album on repeat and listen to it all day. Well you get the point. Once again it's hard to compare it to any of the other albums as it as different as they all are. A bit more on the blues side than previous outings and a lot less electro and rock. Some classic tracks which are featured on the best of album, including, without doubt the best song on here, love of the loveless. If you like the Eels and don't yet have this album, buy it now. If you've never heard of them before, buy it now, then buy the other albums.

  3.  different, but still great


    As much as I love Eels, and want to give every album 5 stars, I have to be realistic and say for me this album isn't my favourite, and as good as it is, it just doesn't live up to the other albums out there. A bit more on the heavy rock side than the others, with a lot more electro sounds piled in. If you haven't listened to any other eels albums I would suggest getting one of the others before listening to this album or you may not like it as much. Still has some fantastic songs (woman driving, man sleeping is awesome), but would only really recommend this to someone who knows of Eels. However if you already know Eels, then you probably already have this album!

  4.  it's already been said


    There isn't much I can add to the last reviewer really. A wonderful album full of classic songs. I can guarantee if you haven't heard this album before then all it will take is one listen and at least one song will be permanently on your i-pod (or other generic MP3 player). And at this price (£2.99 at time of writing this) you can't go wrong. In fact go and buy the entire catalogue of albums as they are mostly all at £2.99 at the moment.

  5.  great game


    The first thing you should know is, if you own the game cube version of this game then there is basically no difference. With the exception of a few new unlockables for completing the game in a set time limit it's a straight transfer. However if you have never played this game, or the extended cube version, which is very different to RE1 on PS2, then I would recommend getting it. The story is fantastic and the game play great. Controls can be a bit fiddly, but you can use controller with or without nunchuck, Wii pad and even the cube pad so there is bound to be some control option to suit your playing style. And try playing it in a dark room, on your own with the sound up, I dare you not to jump, just once. Especially as you can walk down a corridor several times and nothing will happen, however at a certain moment something will jump out on you and scare the living bejesus out of you. Brilliant! The reason for four stars is because of the lack of new content. An all time classic that I'm glad is now on the wii. I guess with this out now and RE0 out in October it's time to sell my cube!

  6.  worth getting


    Although I was slightly disappointed with this, it was more a personal disappointed as surfer and Thanos (the recurring villain) are my two favourite marvel characters and I just don't think they have been portrayed as they should have been. From an outside point of view this series is really good. The animation is great, with a mix of traditional and some very good CGI (seeing as it was made over 10 years ago). Some of the story lines are predictable, but then I don' think there is a cartoon series out there when you don't know how it will end after 5 minutes of watching it. The vast use of characters from the marvel "cosmic" list is impressive, although some are used out of traditional context, but once again that's my own personal impression. The main down points are the cliff hanger ending on the last episode, which was never followed up with a second season, and the fact there is no bonus material on the DVD. Even a few background comments on the characters would have been ok. Other than that if you enjoyed the other marvel cartoon shows (x-men, Spiderman, FF, Hulk) then this is a great addition to your collection. If your a first time watcher then it's worth a watch.

  7.  good, but not great


    This film started out quite good with potential to go on to great things, then just kind of lost it towards the end. The basic story is 3 guys who have survived the zombie apocalypse and now sit around in whatever house they happen to take a liking to, watching TV, eating chips and drinking beer. They only venture out in order to raid local supermarkets for supplies or to move into a new pad. One day whilst in the middle of a move they happen across a woman who insists she can cure people of the zombie virus. And so a trip to a nearby island is required where a science facility waits. Although there are some genuinely funny moments which make this movie great there are quite a lot of bits that let it down. The acting isn't great and the special affects could have been better. The zombies basically have dark eye shadow, white faces and a bit of blood painted onto theirs mouths. If you're a zombie movie fan you'll be glad that the zombies are slow movers, although later in the film some of them decide they can now run! And that's another reason I only awarded 3 stars, the continuity errors pop up everywhere. People not wearing jackets walking into rooms only to be now wearing them! Also parts of the film which have no relevance to the rest of the film. There's a scene with a father and son in a petrol station which has nothing to do with the plot and is never expanded on. And finally, no extras! A few out-takes whilst the credits roll, but not even so much as an original trailer! Over all enjoyable enough for a low budget movie and if you enjoyed black sheep, you'll probably enjoy this, but be warned you may find the ending disappointing. Oh and if anyone says "It's the New Zealand version of Shaun of the Dead" you have my permission to punch them!

  8.  This game deserves 5 stars


    So why only give it 4? Mainly because after the previous 2 Metroid prime games on the cube I was hoping they would have managed to make this game flawless. And it nearly is. The graphics are fantastic. When you go into scan mode and you see the reflection of your eyes on the inside of your visor, or when you go to x-ray and see your own skeletal arms, wonderful. And it's just difficult enough to provide a challenge without making it too easy or too impossible. I also liked the fact that because it's such a huge game it's easy to get lost but every so often you'll get a hint of where to go next meaning you don't wonder aimlessly until you accidentally find what you're looking for. So why the 4 stars. Well the most annoying thing for me was the time it takes to open some doors. It was the same in Metroid Prime 1 and 2. You shoot the door and it opens. However sometimes you have to wait for the disc to load before the door opens. Which is a pain especially if your trying to get somewhere really quick and don't want to fight all the creatures on the way (which respawn almost every time you leave a room). You end up sat in front of a door for 30 seconds listening to your Wii make strange noises before the door finally opens. Also although the story is great they never explain why you start off the game in the basic suit. Surely all the suit expansions (which are generally the same from 1 and 2) should already be available to you, or at least have some story explaining why they aren't. But that's just me being petty. Overall this is a fantastic game worthy to be in any gamers collection. Just make sure you have several weeks spare in order to complete it fully.

  9.  don't read just before you go to bed.......


    ...Or else you won't be going to sleep for several hours until you've read this book cover to cover. It happened to me. Arrived yesterday and I waited all evening until I was ready for bed. Just a few chapters before I go to sleep I thought. Several hours later I put the completed book down. It's just that good. The story of E's life has you laughing one minute, then wiping a tear from your eye the very next chapter. I can't say anything that the other reviewers haven't already said. Just buy it, you won't regret it.

  10.  another classic album


    The 2nd album to be released by Eels and it's everywhere as good as the first. A much more sombre album than the first, with some very down beat songs. This album was written after the death of E's (lead singer and genius behind the band) mother and sister, so a lot of the songs deal with the subject of death. Don't let you put you off buying this album though, as there are some absolutely fantastic songs here. The best 3 in my opinion being Last Stop: This Town, Climbing To The Moon and P.S. You Rock My World.