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  1.  What a Classic....


    This film is fantastic...I love Guy Ritchie's movies and this is his best film ever.....all I can say is watch it and you won't regret it!!

  2.  Classic...


    This movie is a classic and if your reading this then obviously you have not watched this....actually you would not have heard of this as this is amazing and I could not amagine anyone telling you different. If you have seen this movie then why are you reading this? BUY THE MOVIE!!

  3.  AMAZING!!!


    All I can say is if you like comedy you will love this...I was addicted to this. It is so funny and if you have not seen this then you have not lived....WATCH THIS NOW :-)

  4.  could have been better...


    I did enjoy this movie and though it was very good....good action and good effects but personally...I was expecting a bit more from this movie.... overal it was worth watching and would appeal to most people...maybe I am being a bit harsh but I would say this movie was average...

  5.  Hilarious!...


    As the title tells you...this film is super funny and must be watched. ALL the charaters in this movie are brilliant and what they get upto is unbelievable it makes me want to avoid having a stag night. Women if your future husbands are about to have thier stag nights...warning...do not watch this until after he has come back......FANTASTIC AND A FUN FILM!

  6.  Great Film..


    I don't really like rom-com's but this I though was really good. Not been done before so it is something new to watch and it works very well. The story is great and so is the acting....great all round enjoyable movie and the men should enjoy it too....(maybe)

  7.  Fantastic....


    When I found out this was coming out I had a bad feeling that it was not going to work and be a big disappointment.....well.....It is one of the best movies i have ever seen...this film gets in my top 10. The acting is great and well Megan Fox is in it...need I say more? The action is amazing...and the effects are fantastic....Michael Bay does it again....keep up the good work...I loved it

  8.  Simon Pegg does it again....


    Simon Pegg at his best....Personally I think this is his best movie....I loved it...it has everything, blood, guts, gore, humour, love and laughter. If you love comedy and guts then WATCH THIS.....

  9.  WOW!!


    When I saw the trailer for this movie I though yep looks good but I have just watched the best of this movie.....I was WRONG! This film was great. For the men it had great effects, great action and great acting.....for the women...it had the bodies although.....they look slightly fake....hmmm...and I slight love story to keep the men and the women interested. Very well though out movie and one to be added to your collection

  10.  .....I love the Simpsns!


    This may be slighty biased as a review as the title says....I love the Simpsons. The movie was good but could have been so much better.......as such a massive fan I know that the creators could have improved this movie BUT.....I did find it very amusing and would sit through it again because Homer is still as funny as EVER.....overal its worth watching but dont get too excited