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  1.  I have a new favourite film!


    I watched this today for the first time & my eyes were glued to the screen the whole 1 hour & 50 minutes. It was amazing. The singing, the acting, the songs & the characters. It made me love Leighton Meester even more after watching this! I couldn't love this film anymore. It's just beautiful. You'll fall in love with country music!

  2.  I am number four!


    I really enjoyed this film. Alex Pettyfer is very good looking so his character is very likeable! I liked the scenes between Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer, as their chemistry is very good!

  3.  Finally! It's out on dvd!


    I watched this last year on Disney channel & I loved it. It's a great family film, I'm 18 & I loved it! It's easy to watch & a feel-good movie.
    I recommend it for a girly night in! 7.99 is a fantastic price too!



    I really liked this film, but I did think some of the jokes were made for just kids to laugh at. I am 18 & I love animated/family movies! But I did feel this was directed to a younger audience than the usual animated films (Tangled, Despicable me etc, Toy story 3 etc). Other than that. I did enjoy watching this film & I was quite entertained through out.

  5.  Lemonade mouth!!


    I loved this film!
    One of my favourite Disney channel original movies! It was really cute & I loved all of the songs.
    I recommend this to anyone who loves Camp rock 1+2 & all the other Disney original movies!
    I can't wait for it to be available to buy on DVD!

  6.  Perfection!


    I love this film. It is one of my favourite films of ALL time!
    I own this one, the 2nd & 3rd on dvd. If you love this, you'll love them too! Though the 3rd does tend to drag on a little but it's cute to see Ariel when she's young!
    Anyway, if you are a Disney fan and do not own this, then please do! It'll be the best purchase you have made in a long time :)

  7.  Very odd & beautiful.


    This is the first Studio Ghibli film I have ever watched.
    Infact I've never watched any sort of anime before, I'm more of a Disney lover!
    But, I loved this! It was very strange yet interesting. I loved all the characters & really got into the Japanese feel of it all.
    I will be ordering this & I've already ordered Ponyo! I'm going to start my Studio Ghibli collection! :)
    I recommend this to everyone with a eye for detail & likes to experience watching beautiful 2D animation! :)

  8.  Masterpiece.


    This Disney film really is perfection. The music, the characters, the love story, everything!
    One of my favourite all time Disney films that I can watch again & again!

  9.  Underrated.


    When people talk about their favourite Disney films, I never hear Robin hood mentioned. Robin hood is such a lovely film which I personally think is now kind of underrated.
    I'm 18 & I still love it!
    I recommend this to anyone!

  10.  One of Dreamworks best.


    I like Dreamworks films but I have to admit I just prefer Pixar.
    This on the other hand, is one of Dreamworks best, if not my Dreamworks favourite! I recommend it to all families!