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  1.  absolutely fantastic


    tactics ogre for the psp is a re-make of a classic psone strategy role playing game, and its one hell of a remake! i played the old playstation one version and honestly didn't really enjoy it so thought i'd feel the same about this one, however i couldn't have been more wrong! this game is amazing! while the graphics are largely the same as the old version everything else has either been improved upon or completely changed. for example- the way you level up in this game is much improved over the older tactics ogre and instead of leveling each of your warriors seperately they now grow together so if you have an archer at level 10 then any new archers you recruit will also be level 10 instead of starting at level 1. theres also the amazing world tarrot system that lets you return to any point in the game with everything you have unlocked and explore the differant story branches and make other choices, like do you help burn a city to the ground killing all villagers or do you refuse and turn against your commanders? thers lots of great choices in this game that really effect the outcome of the story and have an impact on people around you. im sure you can tell from my reveiw (that sounds more like a love letter to this game) exactly how much i enjoyed playing it and am still playing it 200hours later! -yes i do have a life, and a job, and a girlfreind but somehow managed to lose 200 hours of my life to this brilliant game! so much stuff to collect and things to do that i couldn't stop playing! thank you for reading my reveiw and hope you buy and love the game like i did.

  2.  a final fantasy classic


    if you like strategy rpg's then you'll love this. ff tactics is turn based and does require alot of pateince as some battles can be very unforgiving which leads to some restarting of battles or level grinding. story is good but complex, lots of jobs (ninja, dark knight e.c.t) and it is a lenghty game. i really enjoyed this game but if you don't like final fantasy or strategy rpg's generally then you mite not like this but if you do play it and like it then you'll be playing for a very long time! so to sum up: lenghty story with lots of content but maybe to hard for beginners.

  3.  good but........


    for the price its a very good console, however the more expensive psp 3000 slim & lite does have a much better screen than this e-1000 model and also note that you can NOT play online games or download games onto the e1000 itself, if you want to download games from the playstation store to play on the e1000 you have to do so with a pc and its a bit of a pain. if you don't mind a less colourfull and vivid screen and you dont want to download games then the psp e-1000 is a great alternative to its more expensive but superior big brother the 3000 slim & lite. if you can afford it then you should go for the 3000 which is in my oppinion much better if only for the amazing lcd sreen with much more vivid colour. for the price though this psp is amazing value and it is very durable and well made compared to the psp3000 which does feel a little bit flimsy and fragile. note: this model psp (e-1000) is also called a psp street. hope i helped you decide which is best, and by the way, i own both handheld consoles so ive actually played them both extensively before writing this reveiw. thanks for reading. peace :-)

  4.  oh dear.........


    let me start by sayin that i love videogames and rpg's are my favourite genre of which i own over 300 so i think i know quality when i play it. this game is most definately NOT quality or even good for that matter! for starters- the graphics are quite nasty, but lets give it a chance becauase theres plenty of ugly duckling games that play great. this isn't one of them! it plays like an rpg for toddlers, its SOOO basic that my dog could play it without even needing to think about it! story is pants as are the characters, the gameplay and the lifespan. i wouldn't want to inflict this game on anyone and with so many great rpg's on the psp you dont even need to think about it. i only played it because i was given it for free but i wouldn't buy it for 50p. save your money and buy tactics ogre or persona 3. avoid! you have been warned. ;-)

  5.  second best game on wii (in my oppinion)


    i bought a wii just for this game and galaxy 2 and have never regretted it, i still play the galaxy games years after release that's how good they are. everyone knows mario is a platformer but galaxy takes the simple concept of past mario games and flips it upside down and blasts it into space (literally)! some worlds have you runnin upside-down while others have you flying around as bee mario! the galaxy games are stuffed with creativity and crazy gameplay and amazing level design you just dont see anywhere else. overall i would give this 10/10 and mario galaxy 2 is even better! 11/10? if you can afford them both then i would say go for it and enjoy them and keep them forever. great game.....

  6.  amazing bargain


    at the time of writing this, this game is under 5 pounds direct from play.com! an absolute steal at that price. squad command is a strategy game set in the warhammer 40k universe, which it recreates faithfully. it plays well and was easy to get into and features quite alot of variety in the unit types and weapon choice. on the other hand, it is a little short but for the price i cant complain too much! at full price i'd rate it a little less but overall its a good strategy game which is rare for the psp and for the same price as a film rental its a no brainer! what are you waitin for? stop reading this and buy it while its sooo cheap! almost a free game...

  7.  AMAZING!!!!!!!!


    persona 3 portable is an rpg and one of the best games EVER made-it really is as simple as that. over 200 hours of gameplay if you want to see all the game has to offer, including hidden bosses and collecting all 170 or so persona's- which are demons within yourself which you use to fight with in battle. you forge relationships with people around you which in turn power up your persona's and ability to make stronger ones. there is just way to much good stuff to tell you about in this small section so if you want to check out in-depth reviews then check out metacritic and see the many games mags that praise persona3. this game is SOOO many times better than all the bland and identical shooters like call of duty and about a million times more original than most games released today. buy it if you love video games because you need this in your collection. 10/10 AMAZING!!!!!!