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  1.  Ten years on....


    I have decided to re-watch this for the first time since its cinema release in 2001 (where did those years go?)and the superb trailer for The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes got me re-watching all the old Apes films (which I still love). Time has not been kind on this awful film. Planet Of The Apes is one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, I'm sure when there was word of a remake many scripts were written,read,considered and rejected, is this seriously the best script they could come up with?! There is barely a plot to this film, and what plot there is would fit in OK as maybe an episode of a Planet Of The Apes series but it isnt big enough or strong enough of a plot for a movie. Mark Wahlberg is sleeping through this film out-acted by everything else on screen(and thats saying alot because the acting and cast are awful apart from Tim Roth as Thade) hollywood action hero he ain't. This film really needs a few more good strong characters like Charlton Heston( who cameos in this film) or even more so Roddy McDowell, Cornelious and Zira are badly missed. Not even mentioned. Neither is Caesar. The make up in the film is excellent throughout and its nice to see the use of CGI kept to a minimum. Overall, I hate this film. The worst thing in the 'Apes' franchise, even Burton himself said he would rather 'throw himself out a window' than make a sequel to this. Listen to his commentary over the ending of this film, he pretty much admits it doesn't make sense and no-one really know what's going on. Personally I think this film is so bad Burton still hasn't fully recovered from this and my respect for him has never been the same since. Its THAT bad. Stick with the original 5 movies. Even the cheap and dul 4th and 5th films are 100 times more entertaining than this.

  2.  Impossible to enjoy


    This is a very poor instalment in the series. The main character Tommy Jarvis is portrayed by John Shepard in the worst acting performance i have ever seen on screen.He just stands there staring blankly EVERY time he is on screen The deaths are boring and the camera cuts away from nearly every killing and after the amazing gore work from Tom Savini in The Final Chapter,this film just seems so tame and shouldn't be rated 18. And 'Joey' the patient at the strt of the film is so annoying his 2 minutes on screen felt like 20 minutes. Characters appear and disappear without any plot or purpose and the just as i was about to say 'this films bad' i seen the ending and bad isnt a strong enough word.

  3.  Great If You Missed It First Time Round


    This Jason is from Freddy Vs Jason.It is part of NECAs Cult Classics Icons which is a series of re-releases of figures that have long gone of the shop shelves and are getting trickier and more expensive to find. This figure originally came in the Freddy Vs Jason 2pack with the base on fire,a nice set,but getting expensive now on the secondary market.The sculpt on this figure is a little bit dated and the articulation limited as this figure was released in 2004 but i was glad to see it get a rerelease as i missed it first time round. Comes with a machete and removable mask. Its a huge figure and comes in great slimline cardback packaging with great artwork on the box.

  4.  Big Improvement on Part IV and V!


    This is more like it-this Friday has the perfect 80s atmosphere and sense of fun missing in the last couple of Fridays. The greatest character of all time Tommy Jarvis has the genius plan to dig up Jasons grave to see if hes dead even tho he has no reason to as Jason is,indeed,dead. Theres lightening in the Cemetary area that evening and Tommy has never seen Frankenstein so he unwittingly brings him back to life by jamming a big lightening conducting metal fence post into Jasons completely dead rotting body. Thankfully,Tommys dumbness sets up a fun film with decent death, a good pace, a good atmosphere and a sense of humour,up to this point the Friday films have a been a pretty humour free affair. Tommy decided that bringing Jason back from the dead was a bad idea, and he decides( based on no evidence whatsover) that the only way to kill Jason is to return him to Camp Crystal Lake to drown. Tommy has now proved for 2 films in a row to be completely useless. The only time he was of any use was when the kid Corey Feldmen played him in Part IV. This is perfect late night entertainment, my kind of rubbish, well worth a watch. See it if you like Friday 1 - 3, Nightmare On Elm Street 3,Childs Play 1 and 2 and Halloween 4-6.

  5.  A Very Likable Film


    This film suprised me!me and my girlfriend picked this film randomly to see in the cinema some wet Wednesday and i was really suprised.After a slow start,it became funny and very charming.Steve Carrell is great as Gru and the 3 girls are very cute.The soundtrack by Pharrell Williams is very good and very original.The only thing i didnt get in this film were Gru's little Minions,theyre designs didnt work for me.The animation in this film really suprised me considering its the companys first CGI film and looked better than alot of Dreamworks films.I think Despicable Me is better than Shrek Forever After and Megamind,not as good as Toy Story 3 or How To Train Your Dragon,but i would recommend this film to anybody.

  6.  Good Fun B Movie!


    This is perfect late night viewing! Roddy Piper is as macho as ever delivering cheesy one liners and theres a few gorgeous women in this too! They must have made around two frog masks for this film as theres so few frogs on screen at once but this B movie has alot of charm is well paced and funny,films with 100 times the budget should take note of these fun 80s movies.DVD is in widescreen and contains trailer and a commentary(I cant believe theres a commentary on this DVD, ET doesnt have a commentary but this does?!)

  7.  the worst film i seen in 2010


    This film is awful.It has no plot whatsoever and is so unfunny.Jessica Alba is embarassing in this film,Owen Wilson is so overused,what is his character in this film for?(i do like wilson but his character does nothing!) Robert DeNiros character has gone from funny to downright unlikable and even tho the film is called Little Fockers the children make no difference to this plotless film and are never cute funny or interesting.Dont get me started on Mr Keitels cameo. An awful film and note to the producers-jamming a couple of scenes of Dustin hoffman in at the last minute does not a good film make. Bernie Focker stole the show in the last film but like everyone else in Little Fockers,he doesnt want to be there.An awful awful film and it deserved its poor box office.Seriously,theyve had 6 years to come up with a sequel and this is the best they could do?!

  8.  Iconic


    Iv had this poster for over five years,still looks good,no fading or tears. a classic poster design,cant fault it.

  9.  Stunning


    Wow.This film is phenomenal.When people talk about the greatest sequels ever they always say Empire Strikes Back,Aliens,Godfather Part II (and theyre right) but no-one ever mentions Bride Of Frankenstein and it should be mentioned,1931's Frankenstein is brilliant but this sequel is better in every way! Colin Clive gives a great performance as Dr Frankenstein,coaxed into making the monster a mate and Ernest Thesiger has pure energy as Dr Protoreous, the crazy Doctor who talks Dr Frankenstein back into his old ways. Ernest is clearly having a great time in this film. Out of Boris Karloff's three iconic appearances as The Monster this is my favorite.Having him talk sounds like a bad idea,but it works and gives the Monster humour and a childlike innocence. the scene in the wood cabin where The Monster makes friends with a blind hermit is one of my favorite scenes in cinema history and i must admit it brought a tear to my eye.Elsa Lancaster is charming in the opening scenes as Mary Shelley recapping the events of the first film (which is a great idea,more sequels should do this) and she is iconic as the Bride. I first seen this film late at night on TV around 10 years ago and it always stuck with me, having bought it on DVD i watched it twice(im not kidding) in one day due to how entertaining it is and it has a very brief running time of around 75 minutes. Add amazing visuals,make-up,supporting characters and an unforgettable score and you have a film i cant flaw.

  10.  Excellent Film


    Look at the cover-its cowboys vs dinosaurs. For me that makes it instantly cool! this film is still great to this day,classic work by Ray Harryhausen as always and a fantastic score.The theme to this film is one of my favourites. Id recommend this film to any fan of good stop motion films or western fans.Its a very unique film that works really well.