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  1.  Bourne, James Bourne!


    (Contains Some Spoilers) Let me start by saying that this is not a bad movie. One of the main improvements over the previous 2 movies is the introduction and the song, which is a vast improvement over the previous two films, it really felt like Bond. The opening sequence before the intro song also kept you on your toes and at the edge of your seat. The only thing missing from this movie and the previous is Bond's point and shoot at the camera at the beginning.

    As the title suggests, the Bond franchise seems to be moving towards this Bourne style action packed movie and in my personal opinion, not doing a great job. The combat in the Bourne movies really grips you and you can almost feel every punch being thrown, the chase scenes feel fast and dangerous and this is where Bond seems to be lacking. I think Bond needs to go back to it's roots, as we're lacking gadgets, bond girls, super villains and the amazing villain hideout where the showdown happens.

    The one gadget (well it was a palm reader on a gun but still) he didn't seem to have for long and the Bond girl had maybe 10-15 minutes screen time and even then I think I'm being generous. All the great elements for a classic Bond movie are there spread across Craig's 3 films.

    You've got the girl from Casino Royale and the Villain. Then you've got the big base from Solace in the desert and the great score from Skyfall. All your missing in my opinion is the gadgets.

    I love Craig as bond, love the new Q and love the new "M". In all honesty though, I liked the new Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner over Skyfall. While Bond tries to immitate Bourne, it'll never work.

    Come on, give us a Bond movie with Daniel Craig that we can really be proud of!

  2.  Excellent


    This film was mind blowing. I cannot fault the acting and the effects were well executed. The slight changes from the Anime were I believe justified, especially in one scene where The Avatar destroyed the ships in the anime but in the movie they didn't have him do that which follows more true to how The Avatar should be; as The Avatar is not suppose to hurt anyone.

    Can't wait for the sequals!

  3.  Magnifico!


    I was sucked into the world of Assassins Creed right from the beginning when the first game came out. The game was flawless, despite the combat being slightly repetitive; but what kept me wanting to play was the story. With these types of games, its like watching a movie but you get to take part.

    I was a bit unsure about how good the sequal would be, seeing as it had alot to live up to. This game does not dissappoint. The DRM feature is the only negative part about this game and I think this type of stuff should be avoided when making games, PC games shouldn't be turning into stuff like you get on 360 & PS3. Aside from that I have had no connection losses while playing this game, so I guess I got lucky there.

    The game itself is second to none. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. The scenary and cities are beautiful and the graphics are draw dropping. There is so much more in this game than the last, not only is the story keeping me interested, but the dynamic gameplay is as well. Not to mention upgrading the Auditore home town, to generate more income. The upgrading armor and buying new weapons is a nice extra feature, plus being able to increase your income from the paintings you buy for your home town & when armor / weapons get put on display after you dont use them anymore.

    The story is very in-depth and offers many hours of play even if you only do the main story and skip all the side missions/quests. I've always been in to these kind of games and was an avid Tomb Raider fan, but the last few games have dissappointed me.

    Assassins Creed 2 is how the new Tomb Raiders should of been, minus the assassination. I'm always someone who gets bored quick if the game doesn't really grip me and I end up switching from one game to another and never completing any of my games. But the Assassins Creed series has always kept my 100% attention and I can't wait for future releases.

    Even if your not into these type of games, you may find that the story alone will keep you wanting to play more like it did for me in the first release. I know the PC release didn't score as high as the console releases, but if you've got the PC to run it and a 360 controller to play this game on PC then you won't be dissappointed. Also, its cheaper!

    Lets hope Ubisoft ditch this DRM system in future releases.

    Overall though, I give the game itself 100%

  4.  And now for something totally different.......


    Which is exactly what this film is. As a Sci-Fi Action film I really did enjoy this, and the acting was top-notch. I thought some of the characters were portrayed excellently, especially Bones and Spock.

    As a Star Trek film, this fell down in many areas in my opinion. First off, changing the time-line completely was annoying. I personally would of thought, that having the original crew (After Chekov is suppose to join) trying to stop the time-line being altered would of been a more interesting story, rather than just altering the time line and messing things up.

    The film had way too much action and not enough time building the plot or the background of the characters like previous Star Trek films. Spock shouldn't be dating Uhura for one.

    Although I found it good as a Sci-fi action film, the constant switching from camera to camera, jumping scenes really quick was too much to keep up with. I actually hope they don't make a sequal to this. I would of preferred another TNG movie, or even a Voyager film.

    But still, I wouldn't say to anyone not to watch it. Even if you may have the same opinion as myself it is worth watching and if you've never watched Star Trek before, then you'll probably enjoy it more than people who were bought up with Star Trek.

    If it wasn't a Star Trek film I would be giving it 4/5. But seeing as it is a Star Trek film, it gets 2/5.

  5.  Amazing


    Single handledly one of their best album's. It's deffinately up there with S&M and Death Magnetic. This is where Metallica really progressed in my opinion. The melodies in some of the songs are just amazing and it certainly shows their unique abilities that they bring to their genre of music and all music in general.

    Long live Metallica.