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  1.  Film of the decade!!!!


    Gaspar Noe's 'Irreversible' was a landmark in artistic cinema. He is a fillm maker who is really trying to do his own thing, to stand apart from the glossy hollywood blockbusters and contrived storylines. Enter The Void is like no movie before... visually it makes Blade Runner look like Coranation Street. It's quite simply one of the best, if not THE best movie I've ever seen. It's not for the faint hearted, and depicts hard drug use and graphic sex, but that's the beauty of Noe's work. It tries to remain true to life, whilst at the same time offering the viewer something they have never before seen. Utterly breathtaking! Watch this movie now!

  2.  Interesting, if a little puzzling...


    I was really excited to watch this movie as I loved 'Moon' by the same director. The film is enjoyable enough, but makes a nonsense of itself under the guise of parallel time continuums. The whole ethos of the film is based around this, and in all honesty I found it far too difficult to believe. Worth a watch though. Solid acting, good enough storyline, blu-ray audio and video both 4/5.

  3.  It felt like 127 hours watching it....


    Bloke goes off in search of adrenaline hit. Bloke has an accident. Bloke is stuck. How will bloke get unstuck....? Yes yes I know it's based on a true story, and is therefore an amazing insight into human endurance and will power. And the film is reasonably well potrayed. But as a spectacle it's rather dull. It's worth a watch - at best. But that's it.

    Try 'Touching The Void' for something a little more emotional and enjoyable.

  4.  Sinister gem from a director who has come of age


    Having followed Aronofksy from his earliest films it's great to see him really maturing as a film maker. Black Swan is a classic - some won't like it, but the fact is you won't watch a better produced, well acted, carefully thought out screen play this year. Portman is amazing. As is Vicent 'Mesrine' Cassel. The film is dark, twisted and typically Aronofksy. It's edgy, beautiful and rather sinister all at the same time. Blu ray 5/5 for quality. Enjoy.

  5.  Charlie don't surf....!


    Coppola's finest moment in all it's truest glory. The transfer is excellent and really adds to the enjoyment of the film. 5.1 is awesome with helicopters circling behind you and the sounds of the jungle coming alive. And the 1080p detailing is visually stunning, especially on the boat sequences. If I could give this 6 out of 5 for quality I would do! The extra's look first notch too... hours and hours of them. I can't wait to get stuck in. Essential for any collection. Buy buy buy!!!

  6.  Ninja Tastic


    If you like Ninja/martial arts films then this is a must. Blu ray is OK. Not amazing. Picture good enough - some grain, but audio poor at the begining with some digital distortion on vocals. This issue does not run for the whole film and shouldn't stop you buying this classic. Audio and picture both 4/5

  7.  Finally, a great transfer!!


    It baffles me that some reviews on here are saying the sound is bad, or there is grain present. Nonsense. It's a superb blu-ray and is the version everyone has been hoping for. If you really want to get the best out of these films buy a decent AV receiver with a good video processor. Grain and noise reduction gone!

    Picture 10, Audio 10. No need to hesitate on this purchase if you are looking for qualtiy.

  8.  Cracking Korean Killer Flick!


    A local magazine where I live was touting this as the new movie from Chan Wook Park. Wrong. It does, however, feature the lead from Old Boy. I Saw The Devil really is a cracking movie. Graphic and gripping, it twists and turns after a fairly standard initial 30 mins or so. I would put this film alongside any of the top Korean genre flicks. Blu-ray is excellent. Picture 10, audio 9. Enjoy!!

  9.  Let me in as to why...???


    I have to agree with the previous reviewer. This re-working of the original movie is just as good, in fact in some ways it stays even closer to the book. But why the US felt it necessary to provide an english speaking version... I'm not quite sure. Nevertheless it's still a cracking watch, even if you are a fan of the original, and ticks all the right boxes. Blu ray quality 4/5. Sound 4/5.

  10.  Bourne again? Not at all...


    The film itself leans heavily on the aftermath of the Iraq war after the unsuccessful hunt for weapons of mass destruction. The storyline is solid, the acting is strong enough, but the film gets a little tangled in it's own self-righteousness.

    The blu ray quality is good - 9/10. Only a little grain remains in the night scenes as you would expect. The 5.1 is fine. Nothing mind blowing but crisp and clean enough. Overall, well worth a watch.