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  1.  Crazy Thai martial arts and stunt action film


    Forget about the story and acting as the only reason to watch this is the crazy action from the team behind Ong Bak

  2.  Fantastic football manager similation


    I bought a copy of the 2003/2004 season a couple of years ago for a couple of quid. It's been a terrific investment engrossing a lot of my time. I'm sure others have found it easy to gain success but I have found that even when doing well it's never been what I would call easy. It's also had its many challenges and even to this day after taking multiple teams to win the Premiership, FA Cup, League Cup, European Championship, World Cup, UEFA Cup and Champions' League glory it's rarely that easy. After all of this time I'm still mastering the intricacies and I look forward to working out how to develop youth players. This is a top game that I highly recommend .

  3.  Kicks and punches way above its weight!


    Daniel O'Neill is superb in arguably one of the best ever English language martial-arts movies and competes with the best in Asia too. Set in Bangkok, Thailand the leading characters end up in massive debt after losing heavily gambling at poker. Trouble ensues as they kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy businessman and try it to ransom her in a bid to pay the money back.

    The plot is thin and does just enough to set up some awesome action sequences. Plenty of high quality action and martial-arts sequences. The majority of which are in the final half of the film when its almost wall-to-wall action.

    Given it probably has a budget of less than the average US TV drama episode. Bangkok Adrenaline delivers more high quality action and thrills than a blockbuster 10, 20 or even 30 times more expensive. To quote an American term there's a lot of Bang for your Buck !


  4.  Really NOT very good at all.


    Of all the characters to get a Family Guy spin-off I'm sure everybody was surprised Cleveland got his own TV show. Regardless I was looking forward to this new series hoping the creators could find that spark Family Guy used to have. Unfortunately it's not very funny. Don't get me wrong it's not completely devoid of humour, there are jokes that hit the mark from time to time but not nearly enough.

  5.  awful, awful movie


    What can I say about this film? It's really that bad I am lost for words!

    The so-called fight sequences are absolutely diabolical. There's no sense of any coherent choreography. All too often all you have his close-ups of two swords clanging together, or quick cuts, or "special effects" leaving tracers where the swords had been. Basically trying to cover up the sloppiness of the action. Neither of the leading females look like believable action heroines and I'm sure that the leading lady dressed in nothing but a bikini for large parts of the movie has more to do with distracting hormonal teenage boys into thinking it's better than it is.

    The zombies are poor and downright laughable.

    The blood and gore which could make this film much better are dreadful CGI atrocities. No doubt CGI was used due to budgetary constraints, nevertheless, it couldn't look more fake if they tried. There is something to be said about the old-fashioned blood splatter of practical effects and seeing the gore spray back on the person slicing, stabbing or decapitating the other person.

    Basically the entire cast are dreadful soulless actors/actresses, the story is weak, the action is weaker, the zombies are quite probably the worst in movie history, the special effects are woeful. I can't stress enough don't buy this movie choose something else.

  6.  what were they thinking?


    I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised after the awful straight to video sequel to the original Starship Troopers. Yet I assume I like others were duped into thinking this time we would have a film that did the original justice. Sadly not even with the return of Johnny Rico. Luckily I caught this on TV only wasting my time rather than my money, even then I couldn't get past the dire acting, poor direction and downright awful story telling... Not to mention the CGI and special effects are worse than a sci-fi TV show from over a decade ago. This movie is exactly why science fiction has a bad name and certainly doesn't deserve making its investors any money whatsoever. A stain on the Starship troopers name.

  7.  Immensely underrated film


    Way of the Gun is one of those films that most guys like who have seen it. The only problem is most people have never heard of it. I can't understand why, it's a well written, well acted, well directed movie... Somehow it just slipped between the cracks. In my humble opinion you couldn't go far wrong purchasing this DVD. Not to mention in this day in age with so many sub-standard movies being made, it's a crime films this good remain hidden gems

  8.  Everybody has their guilty pleasures...


    This is one of mine. I realise this movie has its faults Jah Jah Binks being the biggest but for my money this is the best of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. For starters it has the best light sabre duels not only from the prequel trilogy but betters the original trilogy light sabre duels by a huge margin. This was largely down to the casting of the character Darth Maul who made actors Ewan MacGregor and Liam Neeson look good, some superbly choreographed and executed fight sequences. The music was also superb and memorable ("duel of the fates") adding so much to the scenes it backed including and especially the final action sequences. The CGI was stunning making the pod racing sequence and space battles gripping viewing. Sure the story is light and simple much like the original Star Wars. But at least it doesn't get bogged down in it like Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

  9.  Avoid this awful sequel.


    If you really like quality action films I would wholeheartedly recommend saving your money and buying something better. A few recommendations if you're looking for something from the Spy/espionage/conspiracy genre that are worth buying include the Brad Pitt and Robert Redford movie Spy Game, Val Kilmer's Spartan or even Matt Damon's Bourne trilogy. If you're in doubt with regards to this purchase think why do so many people want to sell this film for as little as 99p delivered if it's really such a good film? Play.com is full of bargains why not invest in something you will actually watch more than once!

  10.  Superb Thriller!


    I watched this terrific movie purely by chance not knowing anything about the film. So I cannot express how surprised I was I had never even heard about this movie considering how thrilling Spartan is.

    I was completely gripped by the story from start to finish. Val Kilmer pulled out all the stops putting in probably the best performance of his career, in my humble opinion, and was surrounded by an equally good supporting cast. David Mamet excelled himself creating this little gem keeping me riveted wondering what was gonna happen next and unlike most films was not predictable in any way.

    This is what the TV series "24" should have been like, full of quality writing, tight plotting, believable stories with twists and turns without being ludicrous and a great cast.

    So if you like a good conspiracy/espionage thriller I would highly recommend giving this movie a chance especially given how cheap you can pick this up. Currently £2.99, it's an absolute steal.