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  1. MAG



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     Good Game


    I like this game, the amazing environments and good graphics. THe gameplay is good but because of the huge amount of players you die quiet freequently. The guns are not the best and with no single player mode I didnt love it. The armies are all different but its fun customizing your soldier and picking his/her gear.
    Another down fall is that you can only have one profile so you cant experiment with the different armies.
    The action and battle graphics dont come near COD MW 2 or battlefield bad company.
    I would not buy this game for 55 euros, at most 45 but overall an good enough game.

  2.  Best game Ive ever played


    I personally loved this game. Ive had it two days and the story line is so adictive im already half way through and i wouldnt be a huge gamer. I really liked the first game despite the repetitve boring story line the free roaming was quite fun. This game however is 100 times beter than the first. The exclusive content is brilliant and the missions are realistic including meeting real life characters such as Lorenzo Di Medici and Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Along with better assasination tecniques the environment is nicer and the graphics and story line much more real. Also a currency system so you can buy weapons and clothing.
    With much more improvements to the overall game play i just cant stop playin this game 5/5 =]

  3.  Amazing environment


    This game looked a bit cheesy to me but when i got it for xmas i loved it. The island of Panua is where its based and the map is completely free roam. Its quiet an amazing place as it has snowy areas on top of mountains, jungle area, city area and even a huge desert area.
    As you progress through the game you'll have to gain the trust of local gangs to get info to unlock agency missions to progress the game further.
    There is a lot of travelling involved and though un realistic in places the graphics are fairly good.
    I didnt get the caos pack but it looks great so buy this game its hours of fun !!!
    Not a great game to play though even though i cant find many faults.

  4.  Good enough for an old game


    If you prefer sneaking around sliting throats rather than runing in guns blazing this is the game for you. The graphics are good enough and gameplay is excellent. You will have hours of fun creeping around with a silencer on your gun so to kill undetected.
    The controls are easy to pick up as are trophys but the game actually hard enough. Their is alot of alarms, cameras and locks to disable througout the game.
    The online modes are excellent but no offline multiplayer modes which i was disapointed to see after the hours of fun i had on the wii version.
    Overall i would say a great game but it depends what type of games you like. At 8 euro its a steal and even if you didnt like stealth games buy this it will turn you around.



    I havent a clue why people are saying that black ops is in any way bad.
    First of all the campaign has a brilliant story and great graphics and game play. The online is in no way glitchy for me any way. The game play is perfect and the customization is really cool.
    The zombies maps are all good except the arcade one which is a complete waste of time but thats the only fault as far as i can see.
    All the people critisizing the game are entitled to there opinion but i strongly dis-agree. One of the best games i ever played !!

  6.  Best fifa


    I personally didnt think that this game would be really better than FIFA 10. BUT it exceided all expectations.
    The graphics are perfect, the gameplay is better and the skills and celebrations are so much more realistic.
    The slide tackling is a lot more realistic than just your player flinging himself at the ball.
    The shooting is better ... well basicly everything has gone a bit further.

  7.  My faveourite film


    This is a movie that by the ad i didnt quiet get but when i watched it i was amazed that someone could think of that story line. Please buy it because its just so great and im not giving away the story line .

  8.  JUST GREAT !!!


    i got this game for christmas and wasnt expecting it. It was the first game i played on christmas day and i was blown away by its great graphics.
    The music is brilliant and the controls are easy to get used to. Its really fun with the turntable and overall a brilliant game !!

  9.  BRILLIANT!!!


    This game is as close as ur gonning to come to F1 without stepping foot in a car.
    The graphics are truly amazing and the cars have the exact performence that they would have in real life. You must start off with small teams an get more and more teams interested in you by doing well.
    When not in carrer mode you have multiplayer, grand prix (as real life drivers) or time trials (as yourself in any car.) game modes
    You can also get exclusive interviews with the press.
    In races the graphics are perfect and the races and officials are soooo realistic.
    Great game 5/5



    This is a great first album with great songs including the scripts more famous songs. Look forward to more gerat songs from a great irish band.
    Well done boys