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  1.  Very Good but hopefully it'll get better


    I've had the Humax setup for a few days now. Quality on BBC HD is stunning (I find myself just staring at it for ages) but the lack of HD content in general is annoying - this is nothing to do with the Humax itself of course.
    Setup is very straightforward - plug it in and let it setup itself. There are 2 tuning options, a manual and automatic setting. For most the automatic is best as it only tunes in the available stations (classed as Freesat stations). The manual tuning option brings up far more channels but I'm fairly convinced that the extra channels are unusuable (pay channels mostly which are scrambled).
    The one big tip i would give is that if you get one of these and it appears that the front panel is covered in scratches, well its not. There's a very hard to spot protective covering on the front and indeed another behind the front panel. You have to pick carefully at the edges and eventually it'll show itself.
    Overall I'm loving the Humax - if you want to be able to watch and record freesat HD there's not much better at this pricepoint. Hopefully we'll see more HD content soon and BBCi player will be possible via the ethernet / network port.

  2.  Fantastic value


    Good styling and features make this a great buy at the price. Whilst the picture quality from the TV is good from both external sources and built-in digitial TV tuner there are a couple of flaws that mean I dont give it the full 5 out of 5. For one the reds seem a little strong and orange - this can be adjusted to limit the impact to the point that you hardly notice. Secondly the left and right hand sides of the screen have a slightly noticeable dark patch at the edges. Again only a very slight flaw and one which is not unique to this TV (Its the type of panel that Toshiba have opted to use for this TV I believe).
    Changing the channel can take around 3-4 seconds on digital and until you are used t it you can be left wondering if something is wrong! I found that the digital tuner needs a good strong signal as well but once that is in place you get a solid picture.
    Anyhow great all round performer and very worthy of its price tag.