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  1.  Miley goes into overdrive in her latest effort.


    Bangerz is Miley Cyrus's new album. In this deluxe edition, there's 3 new tracks. No DVD or videos or anything.

    Featuring the singles We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball.. It's not bad, there are some pretty good tunes. But Miley as an artist and a singer herself.. she's really has changed. Gone is the Hannah Montana stuff.. In comes the new and matured Miley Cyrus. She's definitely acting her age.

    Well, at least she focused on her music.

  2.  Er.. what did I just watched..?


    As it was filmed on my doorstep i took the time to watch this film, i was very disappointed. I know it was low budget but still, it seemed to take the relatively good effects from other films and stick them all together in a big old mess of bad, there were also several confusing "flash forwards" that made no sense other than to fill up some time. The acting also left quite a bit to be desired and van damme popping up was a pretty sad cameo. All this left me with was the feeling that going shopping in a co-op is still a bad idea even when aliens are invading...also shutting the curtains would be a good measure to stop alien ships looking in your windows and locking the door seems to be a good bet in any situation.

  3.  Move aside Jaws.. here comes Bait..!!


    I bought this movie for a dare.. (in terms of saying 'Is it one of those bad crappy films that need throwing in the bin' kind of scenario..)
    Obviously I was wrong. This flick is pretty good. The idea of a group of people trapped in a supermarket following a tsunami. Next thing, they're targeted by a great white shark. Despite this flick is also in 3D, it makes the movie more interesting.
    Some good performances there as well as the horrorific scenes, etc.
    Along with this movie, is a 'making of..' giving the viewers a real insight treat as to how the movie was made.. Cast and crew interviews as well.

    Can't go wrong with this flick.. This is definitely a treat for all movie fans.. I hope they do a sequel. An Australian answer to Jaws or Deep Blue Sea.. 10 out of 10..!

  4.  A British gangster drama in all the right levels..


    St George's Day. A brit-flick gangster drama co-written and directed by it's star Frank Harper (Rise of the Footsoldier)

    Tells the story of two cousins who find themselves in trouble after a shipment of drugs gone missing, which belongs to the Russian mafia. Determined to settle a debt, they have no choice than to pull of a heist. Elsewhere, the cousins are being tailed by the police who are determined to bring them down at all costs.

    I must admit, it was a pretty cool flick. The idea of this concept of a gangster trying to get on with his job, then things go wrong. Situations gets worse. How do they get through all that?
    I'll leave you to do the maths.

    Frank Harper did a good job putting this flick together.. A script with a good narrative to it. Unlike all the other Brit gangsters flicks I've seen since Rise of the Footsodier, Bonded by Blood and Lock Stock.. This one has to be up there with the others. Thumbs high!

  5.  Totally weird, disturbing and well gross..


    I just watched this today.. I must admit, it was one of the most weirdest films I've ever seen. Although it's one of those arty-inhouse movies. This one was way beyond belief. Some good actors in this one.. despite it's written and directed by a first time filmmaker Richard bates Jr.There are some parts of the flick which is totally gross. But hey! It's a movie after all. One of these flicks I would watch on a rainy day.

  6.  So and so watchable flick.. Especially the star of Downton..


    Jessica Findlay Brown, who is starting to make a name for herself by shining in Downton Abbey is a truly sensational young actress who people should certainly keep an eye on, give it a few years and she'll be everywhere I suspect. Albatross is a film which kind of reminded me of another British film of late, Tamara Drewe, the plot line of both ate very similar, but this film has a great drama and family aspect to it also, that's not to say it's not funny either because it is. The film starts off somewhat confusing, you don't know where it's headed but it's not long til you get the hang of the direction and you just enjoy the ride, the story is about a social misfit who imposes herself on a family in desperate need of a kick start, she befriends the teenage daughter, wonderfully played by the luminous Felicity Jones, starts a brief affair with the father and comes head to head with the high strung mother. The affair plot line is what reminds me of Tamara Drewe, this is the plot line I found the least interesting but hey the movie has so many great scenes it's hard not to enjoy.

    The performances are pretty good all round, Brown and Jones are the standouts though, I did find the Julia Ormond character to be an absolute annoyance, and somehow I think the character would have been different if played by a nicer actress, I'm not saying she's not good but I'd rather see someone else in this role.

    This really is Jessica Findlay-Brown's film all the way, she owns every scene she is in, she steals the show all the way through, the film is just give or take, it's not gonna change your life but you aren't going to hate it either, it will sure brighten up your day though. And as I said, keep your eye on Brown, I bet she's the next big thing. :)

  7.  Almost went to plan..


    I saw this flick not too long ago. It's one those low budget action British flick. Almost like Snatch with all these brawl fights in it. It tells the story of Danny (Graham) and Joseph (Adbaje) who are caught up with some ultimatum with some gangster boss Curtis (O'Hare) who Danny owes a debt to. In order to pay him off, he must get Joseph ot participate in a series of brawl fights to even the score. As time goes on, things get really complicated between the two as the relationship and other problems ensues.

    It wasn't too bad the movie, I was hoping for more, but that's how the movie was made and that's how it turned out in the end.
    Shame about the bonus features.. A mere look at the making of and photo gallery.. Nuff said!

  8.  Pretty cool flick with loads of country music!


    I rented this DVD out over the weekend. I thought nit was going to be another boring movie. I was wrong. It turns out it was an enjoyable movie with such great talent from Gwyheth Paltrow. (I guess she's learned a lot from hubby Chris Martin). Leighton Meister and Garett Hedlund. There were times I had to rewind some of the tunes. They were good. Anyway, I won't give away too much about the film's plot. I rather state the film is watchable. If you're a country music fan, then this one is for you.

  9.  Top notch of a thriller.


    I saw this on DVD, rental-wise. This film was definately worth seeing. Great music score also. Everything about this film all kind of blends in.
    Bradley Cooper playing Eddie Morra was awesome. In it, he takes this drug (you'll figure it out when you see the film) and then his life changes. Amazing! But then all drugs has side effects. As he tries to find out more about the drugs, it seems there are other people around him who will do anything to to find out more about the drug and its secrets.

    Definate A+ for this film. I saw it twice. I'll definately buy it.

  10.  Aussie crime drama at its best.


    I rented this film not too long ago. It's one of these Aussie crime drama that reminds me of movies like Goodfellas and American Gangster. This one surrounds a crime family called the Codys and its son J.

    After watching this flick, it was really good. Pretty good music score.
    Extras, you can't be disappointed with its hour long making of documentary and interviews with the cast.
    Well worth watching. A+