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  1.  Stick to XCOM: Enemy Unknown


    Why oh why?

    Thankfully Enemy Within is out soon and I can enjoy a new installment of The One True XCOM. :-)

  2.  Sadly quite dull.


    After the amazing return with William and 'Black Gives Way To Blue' my hopes were high when i heard they were doing a follow-up.

    Sadly this album is pretty boring and samey. I doubt I'll ever bother re-listening to it, and I'm a hug AiC fan. Sadface.

  3.  Not Shakespeare, not Spielberg, but not shocking.


    Iron Sky is probably the only B-Movie where the effects are the best thing about it! The 'acting' and 'script' made me laugh out loud in a cringey kind of 'Oh god, they went there' kind of way. It's just nuts. Set expectations LOW and you'll be fine.

    Not Shakespeare, not Spielberg, but not shocking. Worth a watch!

  4.  Oh dear...


    Lostprophets seem to not even be trying any more. Every one of the first four songs features a variation of 'We'll sing it' or 'Sing it out' in the lyrics. Once you're past the first couple of decent songs it's all filler, no killer. Several tunes stand out, but not in a good way. None of the production of Start Something, none of the atmosphere of The Betrayed, none of the songwriting of fakesoundofprogress. Just disappointing, boys...

  5.  Genius!


    This is a great book, the bunny puppet is brilliant and it's a sweet story.

  6.  Great stuff!


    This was a cracking book, can't wait for more from this author.

  7.  Finger lickin' good!


    I loved 'The Curry Secret' (which you should totally get too by the way) and someone mentioned this book to me. It's just as amazing! The KFC recipe is pretty good, but the the burgers and Chinese recipes are great. Haven't tried the kebabs yet but heard they're genius so I'm going to give them a try. Better than the takeaway and waaaay cheaper! Buy this book and save a fortune!!!

  8.  Fantastic tshirt!


    This tshirt is bloody brilliant! The low-res picture here really doesn't do it justice. It's an offical Disney-licensed shirt, the text is on the back as it should be, and the fabric is a slightly darker blue colour than appears onscreen. The logo text on the back is movie-perfect and very sharply printed. It's a great but slim-ish fit - I'm about 40" chest and the medium fits perfectly, slightly snug across the shoulders due to the backprint. If you want a looser fit I'd maybe go a size up. All in all, this is absolutely spot on to the look of the shirt Flynn wears in the arcade in the original Tron, and I'm the happiest geek in the office right now!

  9.  Absolutely worth rebuying...


    This is an incredible new mix! Reinvigorated, bolder, crisper, yet familiar - the new version of PHM reveals nuances and details buried in the original. The mixes have a much better low end, they're louder, and Trent's voice sounds even more dangerous and fragile over the grinding electronics. I won't be listening to my original copy ever again, as this one blows it out of the water...

  10.  Superb game.


    Only scratched the surface of the single player campaign, and it's far more fun than the buggy mess that was MoH. Multiplayer has occupied most of my time so far - seems much more balanced, and less camping central. The maps on the whole encourage fast, up-close-and-personal CQB fighting rather than long-range sniper potshots. In fact, I've not even played sniper class yet! The map with the opening silo door is particularly fun on Domination. Being able to buy upgrades rather than unlock lets you get stuck in earlier, and not level up only to find the new upgrade fairly naff for your style of play. Still a very different beast to BFBC2, and not even trying to emulate it's strong points, Black Ops seems to just refine MW2 and presents a very playable multiplayer game. A few bugs here and there, and no doubt someone will find a super-glitch, but loving it so far. Killstreak attack dogs? Much better than a silly nuke!!! Only question really is this: how the did did 920 people get to Prestige before I'd even fired my copy up???