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  1.  disappointment


    i was blown away by the first three films and fell in love with them instantly, so was naturally very excited when this next instalment came out. But after loving the first three, this film left me feeling not impressed at all. It was such a disappointment, and they took it too far. the plot line was weak and they seemed as though they were just making the most stupid things up just to scrape another film. I had real hope for this film, but in my opinion, a let down from the others.

  2.  amazing


    i love this game. so far, i havnt been able to find a game that i love more than this, i think that it has amazing graphics, storyline and battles. If you like this kind of game, totally worth a buy.

  3.  NEVER WATCH!!!!!


    this film is an outright insult to the books, and the acting is just tragic. I cant beleive that this has been so popular when there is nothing remotely decent about this film. Kristen Stuart and Taylor Lautner are two of the worst actors i have ever seen. If you have any respect for the books, never watch this rubbish..

  4.  BORING


    this flm was a serous disapointment, especially with all of the rave of the first film. I very almost walked out of the cinema, i only stayed to see what happened to Ewan Mcgreggor at the end. I realy didnt enjoy this flm.. waste of time....

  5.  Amazing


    I LOVE THIS FILM!!! In my opinion, this film is the best to be created since Avatar, and deserves at least 5 stars. I found it captivating and exciting, the stunts were amazing and the acting just made the film. This was full of action and comedy and the plot was complex, keeps you guessing, making the film so much more interesting to follow. I really enjoyed this film and takes place in my top 5 fav films.

  6.  Disapointment


    I found that this film was empty and rather dull. This is a real let down after the hilarious 'shaun of the dead' was released. After the amazing acting, comedy and class of shaun of the dead, Slither didnt nearly reach the bar. In my opinion, there were rare ocasions where this film actually classed as a comedy horror, and even then the humor lasted a very short time (a sentence at most), or it was simply unamusing. I agree that this film deserves a low rating with its cheap feel and largely unamusing content. This film only succeeded in being scary at a few jumpy points, but the rest of it was just pointless gore. However, it did have good points that made it a simple film to watch if your in the mood for that type of film.