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  1.  Almost as good


    This sequel to 2005s madagascar falls slightley short of the original. Still a very enjoyable film i found the story somewhat laking and the slapstick comedy at times silly. Despite this you should still find this film funny and exciting. Overall a welcome addition to anyones collection.

  2.  Very funny


    This film has almost everything you could wish for from an animated film humour, a good story and great animation. The only reason i haven't given this film a 5 star rating is because certain aspects of the story are a bit unbelievable but i won't tell you what they are because i don't want to spoil it for you. But apart from that this film is great and as is the case with all Dreamworks films great for all the family.

  3.  Very poor film


    To be honest this is a pretty rubbish film. I bought this film because the trailer looked good but i wish i hadn't. The acting is poor, the action silly and the story laughable, the only half decent thing about this film is the effects and they are by no means great. I would say only buy this film if your really desperate for something to watch otherwise avoid.

  4.  Still great


    Ok this film isn't as good as the previous films in the franchise but i still think its a great film. The action and the special effects are as good as ever but the acting at times is not so good and there is so much going on that is feels rushed and can become hard to follow. But dispite this i still very much enjoy this film and i'm sure that if you don't expect to much you will to.

  5.  Love it


    Spider-man 2 is not only one of my favorite superhero films but is also one of my favorite films of 2004. Tobey Maguire is even better in this second instalment in the spider-man franchise than he was in the first. The action in this film is great, the special effects very good and Alfred Molina as doc ock is wonderful. Unlike the first film which at times was a bit dark young children will be able to enjoy this film as much as anyone else. This is a great addition to anyone's collection.

  6.  Great comic-book adaptation


    This is a highley enjoyable film and in my opinion the first truely amazing superhero movie. The acting is great and the story brilliant. And while it mite not be up to the standads of more recent comic-book films its still wonderful.

  7.  It all ends here


    Great end to a amazing trilogy. The matrix revolutions is a wonderful end to one of the best trilogy's of all time. I really can't understand why so many people have said this film is bad, ok the ending is a bit confusing but once you understand it this film becoms almost as good as the first two. The action is as good as ever and the special effects at times are even better then the last two. This is a must have if you loved the previous films in the trilogy.

  8.  The matrix has you again.


    This second film in the matrix trilogy is even better than the first. I didn't think it was possible to top the first but the matrix reloaded has certainly done that. This film has even more action in it, more suspence and more drama. It also answers some of the many questions asked in the first film and explains even more about what exactly the matrix is.

  9.  Sci-fi at its best


    This is one of the most amazing films i've ever seen. Everything about this film is brilliant, the action is great, the acting is wonderful, the special effects are some of the best ever and the story is unbelievably awe-inspiring. I'd heard a lot about this fim for years but i never bothered watching it until i saw it on TV one night and i knew straight away i had to buy it. All i can say is if you haven't got this film you should buy it now and trust me you won't be disappointed.

  10.  Suspence at its best


    This film will have you on the edge of your seat. I really can't praise this film enough, the special effects are great, the acting wonderful and the fact that this film is based on a true event makes it even more remarkable and emotional. This is the sort of film that leaves you feeling truly amazed. A definite must buy.