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  1.  Great Improvement


    This is a great improvement over the past few Madden Games, EA state that they're is over 85 new features, but most of them are the smallest of things, such as new grass textures, but these are still improvements and keep the game fresh and more realistic. My main features of the game this year are Rewind and the EA Backtrack feature. With Rewind, if you didnt like the previous play you can press square and will literally rewind the play so that you can start it again. The EA Sports Trackback is an interesting feature, where the commentator will analyse the play, what happened and what the QB should of done, and highlights players as he described. Another new feature is the NFL IQ, I find the results to be a little misleading when using this, as the passing and rushing offence tests are much easier than what they are in an actual match and can end up setting the difficulty for you too high. Overall the game is a great improvement over the previous madden games, and is defiantly worth a buy for American Football fans, or a rent for NFL beginners.

  2.  What? Good?


    I got this game as a part of my Playstation 3 bundle expecting it to be good, I was suprised at how horrible the game is. It just feels like a mediocre FPS, especially once you've played Call of Duty 4. I havent had a chance to play it online but i've heard good things about that, but then again I heard good things about the single player...

  3.  Great Console


    Having had an Xbox 360 for nearly 2 years now, I decided to buy a ps3 just a few weeks ago. Its a great console, and a lot quieter compared to the 360. At the moment theres not too many games out for it, and I think i'm still gonna use my xbox as the main console, and stick to exclusives for my ps3. Heavenly Sword is currently one of the best games out for it, its a little short but has great animation and great acting.

    Like the person below said, the 40GB Hard drive is too small once you have installed all of the required updates, and with alot of games storing data on it (Heavenly Sword stores 2GB of Cache on it). Luckily though Sony have allowed us to upgrade the hard drive easily by having a HDD bay on the side of the console. I upgraded my Hard Drive today to 120GB for only £35, which should last me quite a while.

    Overall the console is the most powerful out of all the consoles but theres currently not too many worthwhile games out to get if you already have a 360, give it a year and it should be better, especially with the inclusion of 'Home' later this year.

  4.  Great Accessory


    If you have a wireless controller, pick one of these up so you won't have to buy AA Batteries every other week. I got one when I first got my xbox nearly 2 years ago, but I have just got to get another one as I normally charge my controller through my PC and forgot to unplug it, and so overcharged, and now the battery only lasts for about 3 hours. But that was purely my fault, if you charge through your xbox there is a cut off point when it fully charges.

  5. MySims


    Nintendo DS

    1 New from  £38.20  Free delivery

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     My Sims Crossing


    This adds a new twist to the series of The Sims, in where you control 1 character around a town to try attract more visitors. Its a good idea but copies too much off Animal Crossing and just doesnt feel good as a sims game. Better for the Wii.

  6.  Best Zelda ever?


    I've been playing this game for a few days now, and i'm not normally a zelda fan but after playing this game has made me like the series more. Controlling your character with the stylus feels natural and allows new options to be made, such as writing with notes on your maps. One of the best games currently out for the DS. 5*

  7. Skate


    Xbox 360

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     This Game will get you annoyed


    Skate easily suprasses the Tony Hawk series in terms of simulation but some of the challenges further into the game make you want to throw your controller at the screen. Other than that the game is solid and fun to play both skating and doing bails and feels so rewarding for just doing the simplest of moves.

  8.  You Can't See This


    While John Cena maybe the biggest draw within the WWE, he certainly is not that much a draw in this film. If youre expecting a new action star to be born in Cena think again. Where as a former superstar like The Rock had enough charisma to give him a bit of screen presence, Cena unfortunately falls a bit short in that department. Granted Cena isnt an actor, it is a bit disappointing to make note of, considering hes quite a charismatic showboat on the microphone.

    But with that, WWE Films should find some more creative writers as soon as possible. Considering how scarce the plot is for The Marine, it does reflect a similar plot line from a well-known Schwarzenegger film. Commando, anybody?

    John Triton (John Cena), an ex-marine discharged for disobeying a direct order in Iraq, is forced to take matters into his own hands when his girlfriend, Kate (Kelly Carlson), is ensnared in a kidnapping plot with a dangerous criminal (Robert Patrick). The similarities in Commando come in with Ah-nold having to rescue his daughter from a notorious dictator. Thats it - nothing more, nothing less.