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  1.  Who needs a Doctor when you have a Dalek?


    High quality material, great fitting guide and top class print. No loose threads for once when it arrived.

    Would highly recommend for Dr Who fans!

  2.  Downhill Downpour


    I'm sorry to say, Downpour marks another substandard entry in this series. It's greatest crime is being mediocre, it hasn't even got "being really bad it's fun" going for it. Exploration is a pain, the graphics are shoddy, the action elements misplaced and the story is over-simplified. The Silent Hill series needs a desperate revitalization and soon. Although the elements of a game are here, they are all used to poor effect. This certainly isn't Silent Hill 2 with it's oppressive locations and sense of isolation, nor is it Silent Hill 3 with it's intriguing storyline. Even Silent Hill 4 with all it's mistakes was better. The monsters in this game are almost all humanoid, taking away that "what the hell is that?!" feeling the other games had. A real shame, but Western developers really need to go to Japanese Horror School for the next one.

  3.  Final Apathy XIII-2


    Nice quick review here. Is it better than 13-1? Yes. Why? It's better paced and has more tasks and activities to do. Is it a decent entry in the Final Fantasy series? Hell no! I'm one of the rare people to LIKE FFX but since then, I don't think a good FF game has come out. Even FFIX was a bit rubbish as was FFXII. It's time I think to stop with the graphics overhauls and get the writers back in. If the current writers are burnt out then to save the franchise, they'll need turfing. Final Fantasy's future rests on the next one I think, it needs to have a strong story with a COHERENT plot, characters that are a distinctly male or female (no more FFXII) and be FUN!

  4.  Steve-o's Short And Sweet Review...


    It's funny stuff. One-liner heaven! Watch it.

    Thanks for reading!

  5.  Test Drive Unfinished 2


    No no no. You are meant to release a game when it's FINISHED it's BETA stage testing not BEFORE! Oh dear, I've waited for this game for ages but it's come out feeling more like a test subject. The online side is broken due to the servers (1 entire week of no Casino access), the cars drive like bricks in treacle and the AI will nudge you off the driving line and spin you out yet they will be fine. The voice acting is terrible, the two radio station play utter drivel and I'm afraid the really big islands don't have much going on. The cars are pretty but there's not really much to do believe it or not.


  6.  Not worthy


    For a game in development this long, this is highly disappointing. The large install does not help speed up the menus or transitions between it and the races, the graphics are good but nothing special and the music is terrible. Although a lot of fans will argue that it's still really good, I think if they are honest about it, they expected more. I think this is a huge disappointment and unworthy of the hype. Get it when it's cheaper and be prepared to get menu-rage!

  7.  Still funny. Shame it was cancelled.


    I might be in the minority but I normally think the worst Scrubs episodes are still better than most things on TV. Everything else is such a downer or boring that Scrubs always made me laugh. This Season 9 was still funny in my opinion and I'm gutted it's cancelled. The trailer is VERY misleading however as it barely shows the new cast at all-- instead choosing to show more of JD who isn't in it that much. It might have worked if they had the guts to leave JD out entirely but after having him back for a bit, you missed him all over again and didn't make a clean break from the Scrubs of old. Real, real shame-- I doubt we'll have anything this funny again.

  8. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Xbox 360

    7 New from  €4.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.94

     Carbon Copies


    I agree with the reviews that this game is never changing. That's not to say its not a really good game but if Aston Martin brought out a new car every year and only changed the colour of the hubcaps I'm sure you wouldn't buy it. However, you can't blame EA. If the masses keeping buying it, they will keep selling it; That's business. So if you REALLY want it to change then stop buying it... but you wont! This does however wipe the floor with PES and it's horrible robot men and gameplay that feels like they are playing in a tar-pit. Buying FIFA is smart--- as long as you didnt buy it LAST year too.

  9. Nier


    Xbox 360

    7 New from  €32.73  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €18.98

     Nier, Far, Wherever you are!


    I got this game quite cheap. Expected nothing of it... and it delivered SO much more! You will care about the characters even if the titular man looks like a fat mop handle. The voice acting is awesome, the big bosses actually feel BIG and the music should be nominated for awards. I have tried learning to play the music it's so good. For anyone who thought FFXIII sucked, trade in for this. You wont be sorry.

  10.  Lucky Number!


    A fantastic boxset for a glorious (obvious reference noted!) price! Shouldn't be missed. Packing wise, although mine arrived a little beaten up it's still nice to look at. Smooth outer box with all 7 shows described on the back with features. Inside are all the DVD's found in the individual boxes so i'd say don't expect new features if you own most of Eddie on his own. Otherwise if like me, you've only really watched them with friends and wanted them to yourself... now's the time!