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  1.  Massive improvement over faces of War!


    Awsome game! Graphics judders have been fixed game plays alot smoother, bonus missions, new equipment, absolutely amazing game got to get it! Amazing graphics! Been waiting for this game for ages been delayed after delay finally they got it out great job :)

  2.  Controls :( whats going on there?


    Great Game Amazing graphics, very film like the whole game feels.

    it can get a bit confusing because at some points you still think your in a cutscene when infact your not. you can even move in most of the cutscenes.

    The controls aren't aren't too bad the only thing that i think everyone is moaning about is you can't look around with the other analog stick you sort of use just the left one to move and look around which seems a bit silly coz the other one doesn't do anythink in 3rd person view from what i can remeber. its great when you've picked up the controls very fiddling at the start i found my self screaming at the tele shouting " pick the weapon up" sometimes you can pick stuff up, through it and then it doesn't let you pick it up for ages.

    would have got 5 if the controls were better.

  3.  Total Annihilation Reborn!


    Can't believe how amazing this game is. Its got all the things you wanted on TA and loads loads more. its great!

    Theres so many units and structures its crazy! + getting the addon with the package adds another 1000 or so items to skirmish 4 teams now! :D

    A must have if you loved TA. or any other rts very command conquer like but instead of tiberian u need energy and mass.

    Get it now why its only £12 thats £6 each hahaha can't believe its so cheap. you can see why its so high up the list still on top 10 pc games ;)

  4.  Disappointed :(


    how edios can go from Hitman blood money to this i dont know...

    graphics aren't as good as hitman, story lines alright i guess. player movement is dreadful, u can't even grab hostages :( you can do some cool takedown moves but without half the featues that hitman had they've just rushed this... o deary me after playing this with my mate have to say i wont be getting it.

  5.  Demo was shockingly bad! :(


    downloaded the demo thought it was dreadful, they've still got really naff gameplay. wait for pro evolution to come out! you wont be disappointed.

    i thought that fifa was going to get its act together this year and atleast level pro evolution series but yet again it sticks with the same gameplay and running system that made so many thousand fans convert to pro evo. when are you going to learn fifa?

    fifa even has all the clubs kits and badges if pro evo had all these fifa wouldn't even need to exsist because no one would buy it. fifa was better in the good old days back in 98 and 2000 but somethink changed and it went down hill from then on :(

    but on a good note the loading screen is pretty cool.

  6.  Quality at its best!


    Had this monitor about 3 months now and it is stunning never had anything the matter with it, plug and play easy peasy at its best.

    the picture on this site doesn't do it justice. i recommend it, its much better then its new rival the 206bw and it also looks alot smarter the new one looks rather tacky.

    i recommend this if anyone wants a 20" monitor with HDCP support :) it is amazing!!!