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  1.  Hopkins and Foster are an amazing team!


    You can't really say much about this movie, you have to watch it to understand just how WOW it is...every time I watch it i am left speechless and completely overwhelmed! The atmosphere of this movie is just fantastic..it feels like everything is going on right there and your just speculating on the events! The chemistry between Jodie Foster (Clarice Starling) and Anthony Hopkins (Lecter) is just phenomenal (both won oscars for their portrayal of the characters) Not just the acting but the psychotic and disturbing storyline is completely original (Book written by Thomas Harris)
    Won 5 oscars, and really deserved them! A serious must see if you are to understand it's pure brilliance. The perfect film.

  2.  Genuis


    Chuck Lorre strikes again with an original, funny TV show! There's something for everyone and even if you don't understand some of the geek jokes you can just laugh at the sheer nerdyness of sheldon and leonard! It is a really really funny programme and you can watch each episode over and over again, making it a worthwhile dvd to own!

  3.  Sweet and adorable!


    This book really brings out the fun side of cooking! The ideas are really brilliant and it's obvious the writers have spent a very very long time perfecting their creations and that's what makes the book really enjoyable! It's easy to follow and even the most complicated decorations are made easy! It's an extremely rewarding experience in the end

    One problem is that some ingredients are only available in America, but you can compromise with some UK sweets easily enough! But this does leave room for compromise so you can create your own edible piece of art!

  4.  Best werewolf movie ever made!!


    I've seen plenty of horror films and countless werewolf transformations...but nothing beats David Naughton writhing and screaming on the floor while his bones elongate and his body becomes very very hairy!! This movie was made in 1981 and I've never been so impressed with CGI effects! Compared to the really fake looking werewolves of today John Landis (Director) did a truly amazing job with the resources he had!

    An American Werewolf in London is the best werewolf movie ever made, it's funny, dark and bloody. It has everything needed to make an instant classic and a really enjoyable film as well!

  5.  History is gonna change...


    By far my favourite film of the 80s! It's well written and directed, the characters are really really likeable and funny and it's just one of those movies that you have to love!
    Marty McFly..back to his parents courtship in the past, in a DeLorian!! What could possibly go wrong?

    An original and quirky film put together by the outstanding director Robert Zemickis

  6.  Brilliant


    Disneys first and ultimately it's got to be one of the best! The digital restoration is fantastic, making the film like it was made in the 21st century, i would recommend that you buy it for your collection, it really is a classic and really really enjoyable

  7.  My personal favourite tarantino!


    This is classic Tarantino..everything you associate with his films...violence, gore, torture, it's all here in 90mins of epic bloody fun! Great acting from everyone and of course Tarantinos quirky style of directing helps to make this film comedic blood fest! And it becomes stopping stone and blueprint for his future success! A MUST BUY at this great price!

  8.  Quotable, hilarious


    This is just one of those movies that you can't dislike! It's got an uncountable number for one-liners and loveable characters! The only problem is the story line is a little underdeveloped and nearing the end of the movie you find yourself fidgiting! I'd still recommend it for a fun night in!

  9.  New beginning!


    Absolutely incredible movie! It's dark and innovative, the story line is exciting and keeps you asking for more! Nolan is fantasic as director, Bales sinister batman rivals that of keatons, but ledger defiantly steals the limelight as the joker, his original idea and new styled joker is gutsy and perfectly performed! This is definitely my favourite batman film, and maybe my favourite film ever! Enjoy!