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  1.  Great quality!


    I bought this poster for someone and they loved it. It's really good quality and it's quite big. I would recommend this poster for any Toy Story fans interested. It's great value for money.

  2.  Best out there


    These are the best earphones I've ever had (and that's a lot). They block out all other noises so you can enjoy your music even in a noisy area and they do not fall out your ear! They also come in loads of other colours.

  3.  Great


    The notes are a lot easier to keep up with on rockband than they are on Guitar Hero and the speed is not as fast which makes it more of a family game. Younger kids can have a go on the drums for fun and they can probably play along with a lot of songs too.

  4.  Utterly fantastic


    At the moment this is my favourtie book. It has so much mysteries in the plot that you just have to keep on reading, however there's just enough so that you're not getting confused and annoyed all the time. The book is well written and you get a good understanding of everything that is happening. This is the first book by Kate Morton I have read and I will certainly be reading more from her. I would highly recommend this book to mystery lovers and just anyone who is looking for a good read.

  5.  Great book


    After reading this book I can say it is now one of my favourites. As the title suggests, the book is filled with secrets and mysteries, and once you start reading you can't stop. I would recommend this book to mystery lovers.

  6.  AMAZING!!


    This man is thee comedy genius! He turns ordinary day-to-day things into comedy! He is very good because he can connect with the audience (viewers) as he talks about his personal life. I thought the last dvd was great and then this came along!!
    Everyone can understand/relate to Michael's comedy which makes it that bit more funnier. I am hoping he tours again soon and enlightens us with another great dvd!!

  7.  Awesome!!


    We have a number of lego games for the wii such as Indiana Jones and Batman. This game however, is the best by far!
    There are so many parts to complete throughout the game and when 2 people are playing the screen splits into 2, when the characters move away from each other, which allows for a more fun game without arguing because the other player is in the wrong place!! There are also lots of different spells to use which makes the game more interesting and it takes you through a practice with the spells before you have to use them on certain levels.
    10 out of 10!

  8.  Decent enough phone


    I've had this phone for about 5 months now and I have seen a good side and bad side to the phone.

    Good points:
    1. It has a good memory as I have never had to delete photos or texts in order to free up space for other things and I have loads of texts and a couple of hundred photos.

    2. When the flash is on the camera is very good for only a 3.2MP.

    3. It has been able to record with the video for as long as I need everytime (I've only ever needed to record for about 5-10 minutes) and you can stop it and then continue recording on the same video.

    4. It responds fairly quickly when you press on something, such as photos.

    5. It comes with a Blackberry pouch which is very handy as it protects the screen and you can see when you have texts or missed calls as the light on the top of the phone flashes and that bit sticks out of the pouch so you can see it.

    6. It has a calculator and a password keeper which come in very handy.

    7. You can easily upload your photos onto the computer and put music (or photos/videos) onto your phone.

    Bad points:
    1. I've had to restart the phone a number of times because it keeps crashing and sometimes I have to remove the sim card for it to work again.

    2. The camera is pretty poor when the flash isn't on and you can hardly see the pictures.

    3. The battery runs down very quickly and I'm almost at the point where I have to charge it daily and I even switch it off at night to save the battery.

    4. You cannot turn down or turn off the shutter sound on the camera.

    5. Also, you have to actually press down on the touch screen (until it clicks) in order for it to work, if you just tap it then it will only highlight what you have chosen and the clicking sound it makes when you are texting , etc. can get very annoying! (It's like morse code!) and that cannot be avoided.

  9.  Good stuff!


    This poster is very handy when you need to quickly find out how to play a chord. Although there are a lot of chords on the poster, unfortunately there are some missing that I use. However, this would be very useful to a beginner and I would recommend it. It's cheap too and doesn't look it.

  10.  GREAT!


    This album is amazing and I'd say the music is a lot better than some of the stuff on their other albums. The songs are not as 'shouty' and are enjoyable to listen to.