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  1.  Per qualche dollaro in più


    The title of the review is italian for "For A Few Dollars More". "For A Few Dollars More" was a smash hit upon its release in 65. Clint Eastwood returns in this sequel to 1964's "A Fistfull of Dollars" and is joined by Lee Van Cleef. The stroy essentially is about how Eastwood and Van Cleef team up to take on El Indio and his band of bandits, and what a story this is and amazingly portrayed through the vision of Sergio Leone accompanied by breathtaking music from Morricone.

    In this film Leone is more relaxed in his style which was developed in Fistfull and this makes for a better film in my opinion but both deserve their 5 star ratings, again Leone adds a breath of fresh air to the genre, taking the next few runs up the ladder from Fistfull to another level. Clint is amazing again as the man with no name or as he is credited as by a sheriff "Manco" which is mexican for stranger I think. What is nice to see is an older more experianced bounty hunter Colonel Douglas Mortimer played by Van Cleef, who sort of mentors Clint's character, the role was originally ment to be for Henry Fonda. Nevertheless Van Cleef is amazing and the movie made him a huge star in Europe and he would go on to make loads more Spagetti Westerns. Gian Maria Volonte is brilliant as the larger than life Indio and great supporting performances from Mario Brega and Klaus Kinski.

    The story is amazing as mentioned before and builds up to an awesome climax, with plenty of the Leone style all the way through. This movie is one of the all time great westerns ever made along with its predecessor and is worth the watch for any fan of the genre or anyone wanting to watch a western and a must to any dvd collection. This is a real treasure so enjoy!

  2.  Stallone, Caine, Pele, Moore......What a cast!


    This film is the best footy movie ever made. I would say the Great Escape with footy and just as good. The casting is superb and using legends of the game such as Pele really add appeal to the film, the only funny casting is Sly Stallone as a Goalkepper.

    But nevertheless an awesome movie and fun and highly entertaining with a good climax. I would recommend you forget the "Goal" trilogy and buy this movie instead, the only reason you would buy "Goal" is Beckham. Escape to Victory is the best footy movie and always will be, buy it at this great price sit down watch it and be thourghly entertained like I was. A must in any DVD collection! Go on score a real goal and buy it!

  3.  Who Wins.....We Lose


    This film is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. What I like is how the director and writers wove this movie into both franchises , as mentioned in other reviews as a prequel to the Alien franchise and sequel to the Preadator franchise.

    The story is not that bad, again it could have been better, along with the casting which is not that A-List more like Z-List. The Preadators look awesome in fact probarbly better than they ever have.

    On the whole a good movie nothing to ride home about hence the rating, would not rush to buy in a hurry. Just good to see how they finally brought these to franchises together relatively successfully.

  4.  You aven't got the bottle son?


    I was pleasently surprized by this film, I read the reviews at the time of its release and some critics loved it and others did not. Despite this I bought it on DVD and really enjoyed the film and it starts of really, really great then sorts of mellows until the okay end. Sean Bean I thought was really good along with Lennie James and Bob Hoskins.

    I think the story is very believable as people have become disillusioned with law and order, and maybe this sort of thing will happen in years to come who knows? So the story is strong. What gets me is Dyer, he seems to play the same sort of guy all the time and I am wondering when is this guy is going to show us he has got any diversity,as he seems to be always be saying how good he is and how far he is int the movies. Don't get me wrong what he does in this film along with "The Buisness" and "Football Factory" is brilliant.

    On the whole this is a good film, and ahead of its time, a real lads film and one I recommend and worth viewing to all!

  5.  The Duke's last stand


    I must say that I really found this western enjoyable, and was a fitting way for the Duke to finish his legendary career. During the filming of this film Wayne knew he had cancer and this helps in the portrail of the character as he is dying from the illness. The film examines the last days of the gunfighter J. B. Brooks and his last days. Due to Wayne suffering from the illness it helps give the character believability and honestly, for this reason Wayne should have won an oscar.

    This was a moving film for me, especially since it was the Duke's last. It was nice to see Jimmy Stewart the legend that he was on the screen with Wayne, and was a brilliant choice for his role, along with Lauren Bacall.

    On the whole this is a fitting tribute to a legend of screen and of the genre, and highly recommend to viewed by fans of the Duke and Westerns, there isn't much gun slinging and action compared to some westerns but nevertheless this is an awesome film, and worth watching and purchasing at this excellent price! Enjoy!

  6.  Best 85 minutes of your life!


    This is a really good action film, I have to admit. I recently watched the movie again after not watching it for about 10 years. When I pressed play I thought what a way to introduce this character it is awesome. What I really enjoy about this film is that it may not have the best stroy, but that is made up by the action which is brilliant, this is one of Arnie's best movies he is fired up and readyto kick some butt in order to save his daughter. Due to the story that is why I gave it a 4 not 5 star ratting, but in terms of action a 5 should be awarded due to the climax. I don't want to give to much away but simply say watch this movie.
    I believe this is a great film for any action junky or Schwarzenegger fan and at a great price worth adding to your DVD collection!

  7.  Awesome!


    This is one of the greatest westerns ever made for the big screen and introduces us to italian director Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and Ennio Morricone. The three of them changed the sound, direction and the portrail of a typical hero in the western. This is also the 1st film in the Dollars trilogy.
    The film was made on a shoe string budget but what it acheived was amazing, it revitalised an tiresome genre with a breath of fresh air. The film is essentially a remake of the Kurosawa film "Yojimbo" an awesome film in its own right, so there for the story is identical a town has two boss the Rohos and the Backsters and Eastwood's man with no name in the middle, Eastwood plays the two sides off against each other and cleans up the town.
    This film marks the begining of the eastwood personna the throw away one lines, the silence and his cat like movement, and the charcter dubbed the "man with no name", this sort of charcter Eastwood would return to in many of his films to come.
    On the whole this film is brilliant with the amazing vision of Leone and the chilling and masterful score by Morricone and Eastwood's awesome performance. What make this film for me is how Eastwood's character doesn't say much but you can see it all in the eyes with Leone's amazing close ups.
    One of the greatest Westerns ever made and the birth of a new heeo the anti-hero. A must buy for any western fan, and at a great price too!

  8.  Amazing!


    I agree one of John Wayne's best performances, the film is long but the story is set over five years, so is understandable. During this time Wayne's character "Ethan" searches for his niece "Debbie" which is being held captive by Camanchi Indians. John Ford captures you the moment the film begins to the end with the open landscape of Monument Valley and the close up shots of the actors. This is a must for any fan of the genre, and in particular John Wayne. A timeless masterpiece & one of the greatest American westerns ever! Certainly worth purchasing at this great price!

  9.  A masterpiece!


    This movie is awesome, the acting the direction the stroy. All this is in essence a remake of Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs trilogy. It is worth of remake as the story is an ideal american mob movie. I can not get enough of this movie it is timeless and a classic. I agree that it is not Scorsese's finist movie but he did deserve the Oscar he got for it, as it was long over due.

    Dicaprio, Nickolson, Damon, Baldwin, Sheen and Winston are superb in this movie, but the best performance is from Mark Wahlberg you is thourghly entertaining. This is a movie you must see before you die!

  10.  A True Epic


    This movie in my opinion is a true epic, in every sense of the word. This film gives you a unique inside into Mayan civilisation, the film has a documentary feel to it as if these people exist today and cameras have been taken in.
    The acting is superb and the storyline in strong and there is a great sense of believeabilty in the stroy. The movie captures you from start to finish and really sucks you in, and doesn't let you go till the end and for me that what makes a superb epic movie.
    Mel Gibson is a brilliant director and i hope his next project is as successful and brilliant as this was. This is a movie you must see before you die and can be watched time and time again and you will never be boared of veiwing it a true masterpiece!