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Product Reviews

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  1.  Bargain movie bundle!


    Man on fire is worth the 4 pounds on it's own, this box-set is a must buy. That's really all you need to know!

  2.  Great keyring... if it doesn't break.


    I thought it was really funny but broke within days of getting it. It's also too big as a keyring.

  3.  Amazing collection.


    Two of the funniest British films of recent times, a must buy.
    As simple as that!

  4.  Amazing but needs urgent fixes.


    This game is one of the best games i've ever played. I was completely new to the fallout games and i love it. It's vast and has so much content it's breathtaking.

    Although it's far from perfect, the game crashes quite often and not just on my machine, as there are many forums dedicated to this issue. Though i think this will be fixed soon by a much needed patch, as it is quite a buggy game but i've played much worse.

    Some people moan that the main quest story line is very short which i do agree but the freedom this game gives you it doesn't really matter. You can customise your characters skills so you can play the game many different ways, even choose whether you play as good, evil or even neutral. This also changes the way the game plays.


    * Don't use perks to level up quicker because this just shortens the enjoyment of the game.
    * This game is designed to be played over and over again, so don't quit just after completing it once.
    * It is a good looking game but very power hungry so unless you have a top rig buy it for the ps3.

  5.  Cheap and nasty!


    I've had one and a friend of mine also bought one and both of us have had no end of trouble. Avoid if possible, spend a little more on a better quality adapter, it will be worth it in the long run. Definitely false economy.