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  1.  dont listen to the one starrers


    personly the wii is WAY more interactive than the ps3 and the xbox put together!, instead of pressing buttons you are actually involved in the game!!,
    for example shooting games on ps3 is just a matter of just pressing a button and using the d-pads at the same time while the wii makes your use the remote and the nunchuck as a gun so you are more into the game.
    it's the same with racing, on the ps3 its just pressing left and right but on the wii you are using the remore as the wheel making it more interactive!, you can see a pattern now can't you?, serious gamers just comment badly because they can't adjust to interactiveness and modern technology!, just because you can't operate doesn't mean everyone else can't!, try reading the manuals before playing it so you know what to do.

  2.  Don't bother


    if you have looked at the 5 star ratings and thought it is a good game, trust me it's NOT. first of all the guide always nags you, from the minute you start the game, until the moment you smash it up with a hammer, the guide never gives you time to think and still moans at you if you put the entrance fee low. its like he/she is making the park for itself! and it don't save either!, so if you have a brilliant park and your younger sibling plays the game while you go to the bathroom and wrecks it up, you'll be back to the beginning! and the screen is too small for this sort of gaming, even if it is 2 screen everything is all big and the graphics are terrible. if you desperatly want to buy this game please don't get it on a portable console.

  3.  Boring!!


    looking at this game you would think it was good, but actually it only takes about an hour to complete. there are 13 missions to get stuck into and 6 mini games, 4 of which are already on the normal club penguin. the missions can be completed in no time flat because they are mostly puffle training which only leaves about 5 that arent!, when you are finished it isnt exactly fun then. all there is to do is to earn money to complete your clothes collection and thats about it, even the code is a rip-off before you were alowed into this secret room but now everyone is alowwed into it so really you might as well buy it without the code. i were you i would buy it from a retailer and take it back when you have finished and give some sort of excuse because you're really gonna be completing it within the 28 day deadline.



    if you have just bought the wii then this is definatley the first game to buy!!!, this game will never be finished in about 7 hours like all the other games because it is endless!, there are loads of unlocks to keep you busy and surprises around every corne! And isnt for gamers either!, unlike other racings games on other systems you are brougt striaght into the action by operating a wheel instead of pressing the X button the accelrate!! and even old people can play it with the simple controls!, theres no complicated shortcuts or having your car wrecked, its just simple family fun.
    just one little tip: it WILL get frustrating trying to beat the ghosts on time trial mode with little experiance, consider getting to know how to drift manually and knowing all the shortcuts before beating the ghosts (beating them 7 seconds faster unlocks items)

  5.  Brilliant!!


    this is exactly the sort of game nintendo needs, its a mix of action and adventure, story mode is very fasinating and you can get loads of cool characters, its the sort of fighting game for familys because there is no blood and gore like other games. the game also uses wifi, which is good at first but i wouldnt recommend it until you have some good control in attacks and combos. another great point for this agme is that you can build your own stages and you can customise your player with different costumes. its a action packed thrill ride!!