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  1.  Brilliant


    I think it's safe to say that i was born in the wrong year. Im 19 and i love this album, it's great for a good old finger clicking, foot tapping, sing along album. The album is so upbeat and doesnt fail to cheer you up. i'd recommend this to anyone that still has a taste for the old classics :)

  2.  ...Wow


    I'm sorry if this isnt an indepth review, as im not a fond reader. i bought this book as ive heard bits of alistairs story before. and im halfway through this book.. and wow. im amazed at the storyline and cant put this book down. i also cant help but put myself in his shoes as i read, the horrors he went through and the things he saw are unreal. its a very easy read. id recommend this to anyone who can read.. its a story that must be read.

  3.  Ignore the negative comments


    I've always been a fan of the operation flashpoint games. From the cold war crisis on pc, to dragons rising to this. Now people giving the negative feedback are the people who clearly have never played these types of games. And are the ones who play cod where you can get shot in the head 20 times until you die. But if you like games like arma then you will love this. Its a strategic game, where you and your teams actions are rewarding our can lead to you being killed. It is a game with one shot to the head you die. You rambo it up you die. No team work you die. So buy it if you like other operation flashpoint games. (This is not a cod game with small maps of 6 v 6)

  4.  terrible


    i saw all the reviews for this game and they werent good. but i decided to buy it when in the jan sales. for 6pounds and its one of the worst ps3 games ive played (along with wheelman). it took 5 hours to complete on hard.. the picture is terrible, i know they are trying to give a movie effect, but ive never seen a film with pink and purple dots fuzzing up the screen. i would recommend the 1st kane and lynch.

    but ill give it 2 stars due to the multplayer which is good, if you can manage to get into a game as loading screens are long and not many people play it anymore, also coop is a laugh with a mate. but overall they could have made this game soooo much better.

  5. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    11 New from  €4.76  Free delivery

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     Worst of the fifa games


    i was so disappointed with fifa 11, ive got every fifa since it started. and this is the first time ive ever hated one. i think they have tried to hard to make it good but ended up ruining it. i was hoping this year you could upgrade your stadium size, and not be a league two team, getting them in the premiership with a tiny stadium. i used to play be a pro alot on fifa 10, and now when i play as my virtual pro for any team league two or premiership, if i dont score no one does. even trying to asist a goal doesnt work. i even qued up for 1hr 30mins at midnight just so i could get it stright away, as when fifa 10 came out it took me days to get it due to it being out of stock everywhere. even the passng is annoying its better just having to press X to pass but now you have to hold it and direct it. its just so bad, i play fifa games more than any other game, and i never thought id be complaining about it, but now it has made me think twice about buying fifa 12...

  6.  *sigh*


    Im a big fan of the call of duty series. and the problem with this game is i now have no life. i think ive played about 17 hours already of this game. (bearing in mind i got it 4 days after it came out) i havent even completed the campaign yet. ive done the 1st two levels and then got addicted to the online. the guns and customisations that you can have are so vast, i spend half of my time making a new emblem, buying new guns, attachments, camo for the gun and your face, also adding your emblem and clan tag to your gun. then when you run out of cod cash you feel the need to keep playing to earn more to buy more things. its a never ending cycle, so it makes it seem theres always a goal.but deep down you know your never likely to get there. so if you havent got this game yet. the question is why not? CAUTION if you played MW2 alot, beware for no contact with friends, family or sun light, when buying the game.

  7.  Really good!


    A very easy listening album, and good to listen to after work. or whenever your relaxing. just get it :)

  8.  I Love This Film


    This film is full of action, and i found it very engaging and kept wanting more. shows a great inside of a soldiers life at war. I personally think this film is a must have for anyone who likes the life of a soldier in modern warfare, and the stress and strains in which they go through. The only part i didnt like was when the credits came on.

  9.  Must Have For Any Beatles Fan.


    This game is very enjoyable, and has many of there best hits on it. a great laugh with a group of people. and it isnt that hard to do even on expert. The storyline is good as you follow the beatles on there carrer path. like i said, anyone who likes the beatles music and likes playing console band games. this is a perfect buy.

  10.  Great Game.


    If you play an instrument in real life or not you can still play this. i dont play the guitar and so, This game was my first ever guitar hero game. and i sucked at it. i struggled on easy. but with the help of the practice option. it allowed me to advance up each level and after about 3 months i can play some of the hardest songs on expert. the songs are good roughly half are good and half are bad. but it all depends on your taste of music. create your own rockstar and/or band. make them look however you want and complete the storyline by doing one song at a time and unlocking venues. a must have for a GH fan.