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  1.  OK but not perfect


    I bought these based on the price and on first viewing they certainly look good, build quality is OK and the flat cable is good, sound quality is acceptable, however, the output volume is very low, I had my ipod volume on full and at the gym it wasn't loud enough, so I ended up buying a pair of Skullcandy Titans and in comparison the Titans output about twice the volume of these and sound quality is superb. So, to conclude, if you want a cheap pair of earbuds and are happy with normal volume then these should suffice, but if you want your sound with a bit more punch, go for the Titans.

  2.  Fantastic!


    I was blown away by the sound produced by these earphones, certainly didn't expect such a good sound for the price I paid which were bought when on special offer, so not full price I hasten to add. I would consider myself a bit of an audiophile and can distinguish good from bad sound quality, I have owned various brands, some at the high end of the price range and still they do not compare to these.

    I have read reviews about the titan range, some not favourable regarding build quality, some breaking etc. But i took the chance and am glad I did. I use these regularly 4-5 times a week at the gym and get through earphones at the rate of about every 6-9 months. I normally just buy a new pair as they simply don't last long whatever the brand. I usually try a different brand or model when buying another set, but in this case, a first, I will definitely buy another pair of these when they are past their usage.

    To summarise, the volume produced by these is excellent, as with other brands I had to have the volume up full on my ipod but with these it is about 75% and more than adequate. I only load tracks at 320kbps to ensure better sound quality. The bass is full-on but warm, mids are very good across the range and the treble is crisp and clear without being too sharp. They do not distort and handle everything I have thrown at them. The cable is quite thin so will probably suffer from the usual internal breakage at some time but until then I am over the moon with these.

    Buy them! You won't be disappointed.

  3.  Fantastic!


    I have already got a pair of these from another well known site and saw them when I was browsing for something else so thought I would write a review for future buyers. These headphones are brilliant, I use them in the gym on the crosstrainer and treadmill, the sound is superb, just about right across all frequences and they don't fall out even though they are larger than most equivalent ones they sit tight. They are well built and the cord is adequate in length and is a bit thicker and better quality than most. I have owned sony, creative, sennheiser before these and didn't think jvc would make good headphones but they sure do. Value for money I don't think you could do much better than these! Highly recommended.

  4.  Something missing?


    How can you have a "Best Of" Brain Ferry CD without "Love Is The Drug" on it? Lost one star for that as it is my fave BF track! Must try harder!

  5.  Look cool, sound hot!


    Bought these cos my in ear buds get on my nerves after wearing for a long time on a plane etc. I already own a pair of white Pioneers which have 40mm drivers and didn't want to take them on holiday in case I ruined them, so got these cos they were cheap. I can honestly say that they are as good as the Pioneers which cost 3 times as much, so bit gutted these weren't out first!

    Can't beat them for value for money, sound is very good, obviously not up to Dr Dre standard but for over a hundred quid cheaper, you can't justify the difference!!

    BUY THEM!!

  6.  Great product


    I disagree with the other reviewer, I have got 2 of these and use them every day and they are reliable fast transfer and convenient as the usb connector retracts into the case hence no damage would highly recommend especially for the price they are also excellent value for money