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  1.  Very Useful, perfect for beginners.


    I got this book in december and I find it really good. The grammar is clearly explained and there are plenty of examples given at the end of each rule. The dialogues at the beginning of each lesson are very interesting and realistic, they show what people converse like in Japan. The review sections are also good to make sure you have remembered what you have learned. It is written in romanji as it is aimed at beginners. However, there are hiragana and katakana charts at the end of the book for reference. The book is set out well, and I highly recommend it for anyone studying Japanese.

  2.  Love it! Definitely recommend to any Sims fan


    I bought it because I love the sims I have played 1 and 2 on various consoles. This is really similar to the sims 2 pc but there are more thing to do and the graphics are improved. Game play is fun and addictive and will be enjoyed by anyone who likes the sims. Although this could be improved by having control over the Sim (walking on your own) and being able to interact with the inside of ALL public buildings (work, restaurants etc...) However, I still love this game *****

  3.  Misleading Title, Good Book.


    I bought this book as I thought it would help me to draw manga characters. However, this book contains very little help on drawing manga itself. It concentrates on what manga is, how to set out comic strips etc. there are basic illustrations to help develop the character. But, step 1 is always 'sketch the character', the thing I expected it to help me on. This book is quite interesting, but if you are looking for help with DRAWING manga, choose a different one, or use the internet.

  4.  I love These Head phones!


    I love music so these are really great! Verdict:
    Build Quality +5
    Sound Quality +4.5
    Fit + Comfort +4
    Lifetime +? (Still got them so +5)
    Total: 5*****

  5.  Very Good budget android Phone!


    Got this as my tocco lite did not thrill me anymore. Nice, good looking phone. Here's my verdict:
    Camera +4
    Apps +4
    Feautures +5
    Wifi +4
    Touch Screen +4
    Battery Life +3
    Respone +3 (Sometimes +1 as it does not react and sometimes too much)
    TOTAL: 3.5****

  6.  Amazing Game But ROCK hard!


    Be warned...This game is not for noobs. I LOVED the donkey kong country trilogy on SNES a LOT! So i simply must have got this game! Here's the verdict:
    Graphics +5
    Gameplay +5
    MultiPlayer +4
    Levels +5
    Total: 5*****

  7.  Good sequel


    Good/slightly improves graphics
    More activities and Games
    Calorie counter and food diary
    All the feautues of Wii fit (1)
    Great Improvement and Good for Fattys

  8.  Quite good for learning JP Vocabulary but Frustrating.


    Got this as I am 15 and studying japanese. The games are okay, but sometimes can be hard to master and can be frustrating! but you can gain words every time you play games which go into your wordbag which you can access at any time. The words are divided into sections: verbs, adjectives etc... Once you have got enough words you can take the 'exam' (you can access your wordbag). You then progress to the next class. The graphics are average for DS and the gameplay is decent. I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn japanese.****

  9.  Good quality gamecube contoller.


    Got it because I wanted to play gc games on the wii..needed this and memory card. Does what it says on the tin. Great quality strange to get used to but very good buy!