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  1.  The amazing Avril is back! With her best Album!


    I really enjoyed Avril's first two albums and liked her third but wasn't keen on a number of tracks on it. So what's to make of number 4...?

    Does Avril still have it? Judging from this album she sure does! 5 tracks on this album are unbelievably great! Keep wanting to play them over and over again, not implying that the others aren't good, because they are; just that 5 of the tracks on here stand out above the rest.

    If you are an Avril fan or have been, then you'll be insane not to get this! This album has some great emotion to it and is a must add to your music library!

  2.  ECW Standing Tall !


    If you miss the old ECW or WWE vs WCW days then this is a great pick up for you!!
    I finally got round to getting this and I'm not disappointed.
    Hard to say if it's better than the first, with the Barely Legal dvd as well you can't go wrong.
    Having said that, Barely Legal is a little dated but is nice because it shows where ECW and wrestling has come from.


  3.  A Classic Remade brilliantly!!


    I remember playing Sly 1 on the PS2 and loving it, and when I heard they were doing all 3 remade in HD I couldn't wait!
    ...Has is paid off? "HELL YEAH!"
    All 3 games are looking great and the games are just as fun, with a set of trophies for all 3 games there's extra reasons to play.
    Only thing I haven't tried out in the Move mini games, hoping to get the Move for X-mas. There is quite a few to try out.

    If you was a fan of Sly, then this is a must buy.
    If your a fan of Jak or Ratchet, heck give it a shot for the price it's a real steal; 3 games + a load of mini games + HD + Trophies = a classic remade brilliantly!!

  4.  Smackdown vs Raw 2011 = Awesome/great value for money!


    I've been a fan on WWE games since shut-your-mouth, and the smackdown vs raw games have been quite mixed some being good others failing.
    2010 was good and I really enjoyed it but 2011 has given me everything I've wanted from a WWE game.
    Big roster (plus you can buy more)
    Lots of customization - Characters, titles, entrance and make your own story
    A good rang of matches (Plus online Royal Rumble!)
    Finally they've give us the little things we've wanted, you now have weapons in Hell In A Cell matches and there's more then 2 back stage rooms to have matches.
    And most of all lots of replay value, I know there's 4 different story modes and you can make your own.
    To be honest if you ARE or WERE a fan of SvR games then I would consider picking this up.

    Also the Lord Of Darkness edition is great value for money.

  5.  The sequel that was need.


    The film it's self wouldn't be so great if you didn't see the first one, but on the other hand it does what was need to be done. It shows Tony Starks struggle with himself, friends and choices he makes/made.
    This needed to happen because you don't become a superhero over night. By the end of the film your thinking "okay now he's Iron man! when's number 3?" (Answer to that is 2013)

    Play edition of this is worth getting if your a fan of the film, but I would say maybe pay the little extra because it is a very good deal, even if you haven't even seen it yet. It look beautiful on blu-ray and there are hours of extra content of behind the scene and how they made it. Really great to watch.

  6.  Another great Lego game!?


    The answer too that is..YES!! I myself am not a Harry Potter fan, but I've fallen in love with the Lego games since Lego Star Wars I love there charm, humour and gameplay, even the story's are presented in funny way.
    Now back too Lego Harry Potter!
    In this game TT (travellers tales) have taken the Lego games as we know it, into a knew light. I can say that it works well the gameplay style in fun and really enjoy able, sably it has some glitches but you can see past them and enjoy the game.

    It's funny, enjoyable great too explore, and has good replay value.
    Down side - some glitches and for me I found it quite short.
    if you like Lego games it's a must buy!!

  7.  Heavy Rain is a hidden gem on the PS3.


    A friend of mine lent Heavy Rain too me a few weeks ago, and I've been hooked on it since.
    The story - is great really enjoyed it I don't think anyone can work out who the killer is.
    Graphics - are good, flow nicely and the way they capture the faces and moments of the characters is outstanding, when you unlock the making of videos, you can meet the actors etc... and you'll see what I mean.
    Replay value - is high! played it 3 times through so far and great to see what would happen when you make different choices.
    Trophies - are fun to get (Gamespot and Youtube are good for help as they are 90% hidden) even the hard ones are enjoyable.
    Overall I think this is a great game that not many people have played yet and I reckoned they should!