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  1.  Different, but still good.


    Even though this series has been cut in half because of the stupid script writer strike, it is still edge of your seat fantastic. Great storylines, and cliffhangers as always with Prison Break, but I only give this boxset a 4 out of 5, as I don't think the characters had as much depth and certainly not as half as interesting as those in the first 2. Also, we were cut short on T-bag and his great humour.

  2.  Awesome!


    A great game to have been made. If your sick of plain old sports and arcade type games then this is for you. Great story line, great game play.

  3.  Adequate Game


    It's Themepark World meet The Sims. I was waiting for this game for months to come out on PS2, but when they decided not to put it on that format, I bought if for the PC.

    The game is adequate. From what was said and how it was advertised sounded brilliant, but you can't do as much you as would like when making your movies.

  4.  One 4 Your Collection


    Everybody who loves music should have this album on their shelf! Every song on the album is brilliant. I know that I have a few albums that I listen to and skip tracks, but not this one. A master piece for sure!

  5.  Get Outta Here!


    Superman should not have returned. It is the biggest load of rubbish made. All that hype over nothing. Its not even worth writing much about.

  6.  What A Disapointment


    I love Murder Mysteries, and I like period films, so when I saw Gosford Park, you could say I was a bit excited. However, I was EXTREMELY disapointed! I found it was an ultimate drag, it felt like it was on for hours on end, and there wasn't a lot going on in the movie.

    A boring film throughout, with an even more boring and rubbish ending. Not worth your pennies.

  7.  Superman, Eat Your Heart Out!


    A web of action! Spiderman has been the best movie to be made that has come from a comic book. Forget about the shoddy 70's and 80's flicks of Superman and Batman, if you want fantastic technology of stunts and effects, with jam packed action then this is a great buy!

  8.  Top Notch


    Great writing, acting, directing, fab stunts and effects. Forget Anne Rice, Joss Whedon's portrayel of a teenage girl who fights vampires and demons is far more exciting and more plausible than any other film or television programme ever made.

    You will get to fall inlove with all the characters as you go through each season. The story of Buffy The Vampire Slayer will be told for years yet. She is an icon, and you will love being hooked in.

    Not only is it one of the best shows to come on TV, but this is selling at a great price, so buy it!

  9.  Hurry Up Season 3!


    Prison Break! A great story of 8 escapees on the run. If you loved Season One, then your gonna love Season 2, it is packed with the same great characters, with exciting stunts, twists and turns which will grip you to the end. Gagging for Season 3? I know I am! 10/10

  10.  Magnificent!


    One of the best films I have seen in a long time, definately a film for everyone to enjoy and most important - respect for the views and values it portrays. 10/10