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  1.  Good...but buy its bigger and better brother!


    I was looking at buying a media player a few months ago, and after toying between this one and the slightly dearer mk 2 version, I went for this one.....within a week I was buying the mk2. Dont get me wrong, this is good, its just that the mk2 is much much better in every way..the remote is better and more responsive, its plays all types of files (which this one doesn't), the menu screens are much better etc etc. My advise is save yourself some money and just go for the dearer version 1st time, its only a tenner more!!

  2.  Hilarious!!!


    Very very funny series, if you haven't seen it before then you are in for a treat. Buy it now.

  3.  Comedy Cracker !!!


    This isn't a very well known film but that doesn't mean it isn't a comedy great. I was very impressed with it and there are a lot of laugh out loud moments. Definately a must see/buy!!!

  4.  Erm........?????????


    The only reason that i purchased this film was because i fancied a horror/thriller and looked at a few on play.com. Having read the brilliant reviews that this film has, i thought i couldn't go wrong..............
    How wrong was i !!!!!!!
    I sat through the film waiting for it to get going, which it did, five minutes from the end, then came the predictable ending.
    My view of this film has nothing to do with the subtitles, which i didn't mind at all, it just wasn't good at all. I don't know what else to say................
    It seems that all these reviews are about a different film. I have even borrowed it to a friend (before i had watched it or else i wouldn't have done it) who's review would be the same as mine but probably with a few swear words in too.
    Before you buy this, think about it and then don't!

  5.  Great Family Film


    Considering this film is 10 years old, the visual effects are very impressive.
    Take no notice of the certificate age because my son is only 5 and he enjoyed it, I mean, isn't it every little boys dream to have his action figures come to life?
    All in all its a great family film for all ages.

  6.  Its a killer


    The best show on TV at the moment bar none.
    Every time an episode ends you think that it can't get any better, then you see the preview of the next one and it leaves you wanting the next one straight after. Makes you wonder about your neighbours though!!!

  7.  Laugh out loud comedy!


    Great film with plenty of laugh out loud moments. If you like the wedding singer ( Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore again) then you will love this too. Although its probably edging towards more of a Rom Com, its still got the comedy parts for the guys too!
    Plenty of extras on offer too, well worth buying for sure.

  8.  Not a Classic, but Classy


    After only hearing very good reviews, I expected good things and whilst it didn't disapoint me, I think that the ending could have been better and made the film a 5 star from me.
    The film just seemed to fizzle out a bit at the end, not to take anything away from the rest of it though, which has you on the edge of your seat most of the way thru.
    It is well worth a look!

  9.  Quality!!!


    This could be called Goodfellas 2 cus its virtually the same sort of film but possibly better, Get it now, i've just brought it for £2.99........It costs more to rent a film these days, you have to buy this now.

  10.  Surprisingly Good


    I wasn't too bothered about watching this,my mrs insisted, but I actually relly enjoyed it. If you're a fan of the series then of course you'll love it, if your not then I would still recommend it. Sly has to quit though now........while he's ahead.