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  1.  Things I never even knew


    As an adult I've been fascinated with Robert winston and read other reviews on this book. It's a great quick read with so many interesting facts that you never even knew, tests your brain and knowledge on different topics. Was great. However thought the book was originally going to be larger was surprised when it was a paper back book like that of a child's revision book with 90 pages! However fab read!

  2.  Unexpected


    This films story was completely unexepected. It was brillant. Had me both covering my eyes and sitting on the edge of my seat!
    The trailer for the sequal looks just as good. Well worth the money.

  3.  A capturing game


    I used to play the orginal and number 2 when it first came out. Never knew they and expansions of the 2nd. Ever since i bought it, i can't stop playing it. I can play it for hours. It gives the player the chance to create a zoo from scratch, have what ever animals they desire in there zoo, and create it however they like, its brilliant. Being able to go into 'Zoo Keeper' mode and go in and care for your animals is capturing. Everything you want from a simulation game.

  4.  One of the best


    Was never a fan of Disney's Robin Hood when i was younger. However rewatching it not long ago, i have become fond of it. The story is brilliant and the characters are amazing to watch. A true Disney Classic.

  5.  Poor Performance by Micheal Cera


    I felt the storyline on this feature film, was really poor. Expected it to be more humourous than expected, like the other films in which Micheal Cera has performed in. Was really disappointed. Not worth the money i paid for it.

  6.  Childhood Favourite


    I used to watch this loveable Clown as a child! Rewatching past episodes put a smile on my face. Everything about the characters are just amazing to watch, any child will love this! Its a must-buy!

  7.  Slight Disappointment


    Being a Twilight fanatic, this book was a disappointment. Found it hard to get in to, and to be honest, didn't get far in to the book. I feel Stephenies creativity and the overall twilight storyline stopped at the 4th book. Hoping other releases will be better.