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  1.  Did I watch the same film as the other reviewers?


    This film was appalling. The narrative was infantile, the acting was not particularly good, but then given the script it didn't give the cast much of a fighting chance. The science was beyond bad and the effects where absolutely average. But apart from all the above it was excellent.

    Don't sponsor bad sci-fi and buy something else.

  2.  Perfect


    This is such a wonderful film - never letting up or falling flat. Just watch it.

  3.  Why do they treat us like idiots


    This film is full of bad science. I feel insulted when film producers assume we are all dumb. I appreciate it is supposed to be a block buster, pop-corn crunching bit of fun, but it just doesn't work for me.

  4.  If you are into cinema then this is a must


    Shot in the first person using a handicam (one that has great video quality, an amazing set of mic's, surround mixing desk, smooth compressors & EQ and post-production suite all built in) it may not be for everyone. However, if you can settle into the visual style then the film moves along as if the events were really unfolding in front of you; though doesn't necessarily follow the traditional film structure. There will be those who understand this film and those that don't.

    I like it.... a lot.

  5.  Great script


    Most excellent indeed. Its good to see there was at one time a viable alternative to the teeny junk (e.g. Twighlight) that has become mainstream now. This series has strong characterisation (even the good guys can be annoying), an engrossing script and is cinematically more than you would expect from a tv series.

  6.  More Hitchcock than Hitchcock


    You would imagine an Anglo/German/American/Russian production would be somewhat confused, but this is a great and somewhat underated thriller. Though the story line is reminiscent of Hitchcock at his best, its the acting/script that really draws you in. It has the tension of watching an someone trying to make his/her way out of a minefield.

  7.  Kids and certain 'adults' love it


    Takes an episode or two to get into its stride and for Willy Rushton to warm up, but then offers so much. Its a real gem that has something for everyone; my kids love it, and it was recommended to me by a 'stoner' friend for its surreal humour, characterisation and barmy animation. Good harmless fun, poles away from most American animation that we are saturated with.

  8.  Great film, but


    ...the trailer is a real spoiler.

    Highly recommended, with an amazing sound track. Has real actors i.e. no rank Hollywood stars like Willy Smith.

  9. Azumi



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    What a load of old tosh. Probably the worst Asian film I've bought. Just about everything is bad about it. The music is dire, the actors are poor, especially the main part. Costumes are embarrasing and the direction hideous - If you want good Asian try Zatoichi.