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Top 10 Sport and Outdoor Reviewer
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  1.  Good for occasional use.


    I used this mainly for PC gaming. I'm not a hard core gamer so it was only used on occasion. The right shoulder button broke after a few months so I decided to replace the controller with an official Xbox Controller. What can I say? You get what you pay for.

  2.  Horribly Good


    I have this statue standing at the side of my TV and it looks fantastic. Great build quality and amazing detail. The speaker is loud too so if you want him to guard your bedroom when you're out, he will scare the hell out of anyone who enters. Getting him out of the box is a Nightmare though, he's tied in by metal wires so have some wire cutters handy. He also doesn't stand up on his own very well, so you'll need to prop him up or apply some blu tac to his feet. Overall, a frighteningly good deal.

  3.  Quality Item


    I managed to snag this when Play lowered the price to 20 quid. What a bargain! Comes with 3 sets of arms, 2 handguns and a rifle, but I think the best pose is the one in the photo - 2 ice picks with his rifle slung over his shoulder. Looks great when you place a light inside the iceberg too, it glows green and looks fantastic in the dark. A simple mod but very cool.

  4.  Worth Buying


    I've just started a fitness regime and this little device is helping me to shape my arms, shoulders and abs. It's a simple idea but it does work and after a few sets you can really feel the burn! For only a fiver it's worth every penny. Or you could spend the fiver on a Big Mac and Fries instead....your choice!

  5.  Bargain


    I managed to get this from Play for the limited price of 5 Pounds and for that money this was an absolute steal. It comes packaged with grenades and a first aid spray that are seemingly useless because they can't be attached to the figure itself (unless you apply blu-tack) and the gun holster is empty with no sign of a handgun which is kinda odd. Overall, it's a nice figure with lots of detail and if the price drops back down to a Fiver then it's well worth the money.

  6.  It's Ghostbusters 3...and you're the star!


    If you're a massive Ghostbusters fan then you'll love this game. For everyone else, it's still a great game with impressive grahics, a kick ass soundtrack and plenty of humor. Plus the game features a totally unique gameplay mechanic - Proton Packs, which makes a welcome change from the usual machine gun/grenade combo used in most action games.

    All the cast return for one last time and it's just as humorous as the movies (Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis again on writing duties). For this price, you can't go wrong....just remember, don't cross the streams!

  7.  Just a great TV - buy it!


    Arrived today (after 3 days). There is some minor assembly required (TV swivel stand) but after that the TV is good to go. Even plays a nice tune when you turn it on and off....very nice touch. I'm slightly disappointed that there isn't a headphone socket on the back as described. I like to play very loud games so headphones are essential to me. Had to work around this by using my Hi-Fi instead. Still a fantastic telly for the price.

  8.  Great Value and Superb Performance


    I was looking for a monitor that I could use for my PC and Xbox 360 and this was the perfect choice for me. My PC is connected to the DVI port and the Xbox connects via the HDMI so I get the best possible picture quality for both systems. The lightning-fast 2ms response time also makes gaming a delight on both systems.

    The monitor also has 2 speakers that are fine for basic desktop functions but no good for gaming so don't buy this monitor just for your xbox 360 unless you have an alternate sound setup - a TV would be your best bet.

    Overall I'm very happy with this monitor and I recommended it completely.

  9.  Excellent Value, Great Performance


    What a lovely pair! I just finished watching Men in Black II (first random DVD I grabbed) and the sound was amazing. Power DVD comes with Dolby Headphone technology which enables the headphones to play audio in full 5.1 surround sound and it sounds fantastic.

    The headphones are completely independent from your sound card though, so if you have a top of the range x-fi card you won't be able to access any of it's features when using these headphones. Not a problem when watching movies or playing music but if you're a hardcore gamer you might want to look elsewhere.

  10.  Classic


    Finally, a superhero game that makes you feel like a superhero! The demo rocks but the game itself will be so much better.