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  1.  Average


    Not the worst film you'll see but I just didn't buy into the relationship of kutcher and Diaz's characters , Diaz especially is very one dimensional and an average actress at best

  2.  rubbish !


    This film is dreadfull , there is no chemistry between Cruise and Diaz at all and the way Diaz's character acts in certain situations in this film just dont make sense , she knows her life is act risk but still willingly walks into danger despite Cruises advice .

  3.  great film !


    Loved this film , isnt your typical superhero film and is quite brutal in parts , the only negative side was Hit Girl who got on my nerves abit , apart from that its a top film and llooks amazing on Bluray ! Buy now !!!

  4.  could do better


    This is a decent attempt at a crack at the Superman franchise and Brandon Routh portrays both Superman/Kent very well, he has all of the charm and vunerability that Christopher Reeve bought to the role of Clarke Kent and you can tell hir performance is heavily based on previous Reeves performances , the opening scene is fantastic and the airplane scene is just what fans love to see ,only real gripe is the addition of him fathering louis's baby,soon as the kid smashes the bad guy with the piano i thought i was gonna be sick ! lets hope the reboot dosent carry on with the same theme

  5.  Masterpiece!


    This is one of the best films ive seen ,Robert Downey Jnr is brilliant as Chaplin in Richard Attenboroughs best film. Dont feel you have to be a Charlie Chaplin fan to enjoy this film , its a story of his life and struggles as a young boy in England to one of the biggest stars on the planet. The music also adds to the emotion of this film and the scene when he returns to London at his peak to see his first love is acted superbly by Jnr who really captures the pain Chaplin felt inside whilst mainting the image of the happy joker to the watching world , a true masterpiece !

  6.  Hidden gem of a film


    This is one of them films many people havnt heard of and missed at the cinema but it slowly becoming a classic , a fantastic film from start to finish! worth every penny !

  7.  buy normal version


    Maybe its just me but i dont feel this Directors cut adds anything of value to the film ,the extra court scenes with the useless Coolio are just pointless ! wish id bought the normal version instead.My only other gripe with this film is how becoming blind almost immediately turns a young Matt Murdoch into a super agile gymnast! now i know its only a film but i can except a man flying in superman and a man crawling walls in spiderman but in this film being able to see your surroundings through soundwaves bouncing off objects isnt gonna be a step up from having the power of sight nor will it suddenly enable you you have perfect balance and be able to somersault yourself into next week.

  8.  Best Superhero film ever


    Quite simply the greatest Superhero film ever made !! anyone who does not enjoy this film shouldnt be allowed to watch another film again cause they clearly have no idea what they are talking about.This film is so realistic compared to other far fetched comicbook hero films ,If you own a bluray player then this is a must buy. the only draw back is its too good that i cant see anything coming close to it again.
    Chris Nolan has set the bar so high with this film its pratically in orbit !