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  1.  Once played it gets very repetitive.


    When I first heard that the sims 3 was coming to console I was ecstatic. I rushed to the shop the first day it came out. It has some really good features such as the karma powers these enable you to unleash either luck upon your sims or make them hit rock bottom, They have some pretty good cars as well.
    The downside to this game is that lacks excitement after the first sim(s) you play with. When you start a new game the only thing that is different is the sims you have created and they can be pretty similar (Not many good items of clothing), There aren't many houses to buy and the neighbourhood is pretty much the same with the same neighbours, so it is very similar once again. I agree with both reviews below it is awesome and addictive but once you've played it once it feels like you just press the replay button, more effort could have been used. I will be trading this in this week for a more appealing game.

  2.  Outstanding!!!!


    I brought this game the 2 days ago and I have not been able to put it down since, everything about this game screams excellence!
    The Single Player mode is excellent as there is always plenty to do you have the main missions with some very creative characters which themselves are very entertaining and humorous. You also have side missions where you can decide whether to help civilians or not and if you do how to resolve them. Another good activity to do whilst in the open wilderness is hunting! There are lots of different animals from Rattlesnakes and Racoons to Cougars and Bear's!
    Another excellent mode to the game is the multi-player, whether it's just you or you and your friends playing there is a lot to do. You can take on different gang hideouts, steal some treasure, cause havoc around towns or go group hunting! These are all situated across the map in free roam. I myself haven't been on the tasks you can do in multiplayer yet such as death matches and shoot out's but thats because free roam is so entertaining! In multiplayer you can also form a posse which I have found a refreshing experience as you can decide who's in it and go against other formed posse's in your session.

    Overall I believe this game is worth every penny as you will never be bored and could play it long after you have completed the single player, The graphics are immense and everything just excels compared to the games i have played. This has met higher than my expectations and lets hope COD - MW2 will do the same!!

  3.  Absolutely Amazing! MUST BUY!!!!


    I belive out of the Twilight Saga this has to be the best book, it offers so much depth into all the other characters so you understand the journey everyone has gone through.
    Plus you are always thinking will Bella be with Jacob or Edward as the story twists and turns.
    The fight scene is amazing and i could feel my heart pound as it was coming up to it and as i was reading through it.
    I belive this book shows up the film as the film missed to many details out like Alice and Jasper's story and the fight scene was to short but that review is due for when the film comes out on dvd hehe.
    I would highly suggest to anyone debating whether to start reading the saga or not to deffinately check it out as you will get hooked.

  4.  Despite bad comments, i loved it.


    As a huge twilight fan i was skeptical of this book as i heard so many bad comments from friends and colleagues who are also obsessed with the saga,
    And as i had expected i still loved it and found it totally gripping it made me laugh, it made me cry and i really could not put it down. I was eager to get to the end so that i knew what happened but once i finished it i was disapointed that it was over.
    If i have to give a fall it was the 'fight' at the between the Voltori and the Cullens as there was such a build up and then it dilated into nothing. I would of prefered abit more fighting.
    Other than that fantastic book!
    Based on my experience read the book before you judge it. It will suprise you!

  5.  Not really for me.


    I brought this game around christmas time and have played it three times to date, the last two times have been recently.
    I agree with one of the earlier reviews that you do have to be in the mood to play it i just can't get into it no matter how hard i try.
    The only reason i have begun to play it is because my friend has brought it so it's makes it a tad more entertaining but even the multiplayer is abit dull. Also the load time is shocking as it takes a while to load anything.
    Overall i would say try it for yourself, for this price it is worth it, it might suprise you :)